Thursday, 22 December 2016

What a whirwind 24 hours...

aye yi yi ...
what a day of hustle and bustle for (practically) nothing!! hahaha

I received a voice mail at 8:45 this morning..
it was the IWK (childrens hospital in Halifax)
they received notice from my doctor and would like to fit me in today at noon for an ultrasound.

I called back one million and one times but there was no answer so I said to Nick
lets just show up and hopefully it will still be available.
we did. and thankfully it was.  

It was super last minute so Elliott came with us but it turned out no children under 12 can attend the ultrasound so he and Nick had to wait in the waiting room.
I love taking Elliott places with us these days, he's such a hammy personality and normally the public falls right into his charming trap ways heheh
He says Hi to everyone and gets more and more chatty everyday.
today he took taggie bear (who of course comes everywhere)
Elliott demanded Taggie be sitting on a chair and pushed in, when we left the hospital we forgot him and THANK GOD Nick remembered as we hit the van to head home or we could've had a very ugly holiday season! (still in search of more taggie bears but they seem to be discontinued.)
Anywoo we did the ultrasound and it turns out there is only ONE baby in there and he/she is only 15 weeks along! booo
I was slightly discouraged but it was a nice relief to see the flicker of that heartbeat and look at the little arms and legs flailing around.
the ultrasound tech told me to keep my 20 week ultrasound in January and we'll go really in depth then. for now they just measured the arms, legs, head and torso. She sent me out and said she just wanted to check something, then she called me back in for more photos..
She said it looked like my uterus may have been contracting but they wanted to double check because it could have just been the current photos.
The second set of shots showed everything as all good so no need to worry and sent me on my way!
In Nova Scotia they will tell you the sex of your baby after the 20 week ultrasound but they wont let the techs do it, you have to wait for your next doctors appointment.
Both me and the ultrasound tech who I had today said we hope we see each other for the next appointment because she was an absolute sweet heart!
She described everything to me as she went and was almost as excited as I was when we saw the little fingers and toes moving around.
She said when she does the 20 week she will tell you when she's shooting the gender reveal shots in case you want to try and take a throughout peek yourself, she said she wont give any clues but some of the techs don't even describe what you're looking at at the time and it can be a very silent appointment!

Other than that I wrapped all of Elli's gifts last night so we are set for Christmas eve.
I hardly spent a dime this season on him, minus the train table.

^ He's got a handful of gifts to unwrap and his stocking but I picked everything up throughout the year, mostly at great clearance sales!

The train table finally came together and it looks great!!
this is the exact Train Table we purchased.
it is always on sale!
$229 regular but we paid the $169 plus we waited for a free delivery special so we had it dropped right off at the house!
the delivery saved us about $81 dollars so make sure you wait for that special too :)

I also got Nick to swing by and pick up these cute little homemade blocks that I found on a buy and sell. we love Monsters inc incase you were wondering :)
and Elliott loves building towers!

but the joke was on me because I didn't ask the dimensions..
when Nick got them home I realized they were only about the size of marshmellows!
so his 6 piece tower won't be much in the height department lol!
but he can add them to his other block towers...
they were $10

Other than that, I picked up some makeup sponges and I'm going to test out a glitter mani using them!
I hope to report back positive reviews later this week..
see you then! :)

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