Thursday, 25 August 2016

Maybelline Color Jolt lip paint..

I'm finding it harder and harder to judge or grade lipsticks..
may sound crazy to some, but this is true.

Maybelline color jolt lip paint
I had high high high expectations for.

I'm not head over heels but I'm not dissatisfied.
see, I am such a lipstick snob, I can no longer tell what's great and what's meh
just take a look at the evidence and decide for yourself..
I am no longer a helpful blog, I am just a girl who is as stumped as you
^ looks gooooooooood in the above photo. win.

^ tube is kinda tiny. not a bad thing, just meh.
easy to lose OR takes up less space   ..... ? win/lose you decide

^ applicator a bit fuzzy. not terrible but takes patience.
however! its not a matte, set, instadry formula so you can wipe any mistakes easily.

wear: not a dry finish so does wear off
BUT fades evenly (orange outburst anyway) so you don't look a hot mess.

^NOT kiss proof

^ kinda digging the shiny, still wet views tho..

overall thought
I really like this lip paint.
Its a bold, shiny, glossy, pretty look.
Its also a little messy, not the longest lasting (but I didn't mind the length), non matte (if that's what you want).
I don't think I'll rush out to buy another but I will keep wearing this one and contemplate purchasing the hot pink...
me too.

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