Sunday, 21 August 2016

FaceOff makeup remover..


I went to a concert last night and actually applied some makeup so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to remove said makeup with the FaceOff Cloth! 

the results took me by surprise!
I was a total skeptic!
I thought for sure this was going to be a regular face cloth and I would have makeup smeared all over my face, then have to go in with a makeup remover after use.

I'm happy to say I was wrong!
It surprisingly did a decent job of makeup removing without any makeup remover assistance and I went to bed with a decently clean skin feeling.

(in my next video I want to have a face cloth showdown and see how the FaceOff compares to a regular face cloth when used in the same manner. would a regular face cloth be just as affective?? hmmm)

see the FaceOff in action for yourself! >

^ the concert look, and it was very sticky humid so my skin was oily by the end of the night!

^ I am lazy so you know this was the best way to show off all the info you may be wondering about!

^ the Rascal Flatts were awesome! and Jason Blaine did an amazing job opening for them
I sat back and enjoyed it so much I didn't take any photos! (see why I have been blog lacking, I am slacking! lol)

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