Tuesday, 2 August 2016

What life is like when you are a hoader, Elliott's room edition..

I'm going through a MAJOR 'purge the clutter' season of life..

*FYI I just read my last blog post and it was hilarious..
if you can follow my "type the way I talk" and no proof reading blog style, I applaud you! xox

the clutter
its making me INSANE
I keep getting rid of things and yet I still feel smothered
I am not naïve to the person I am
I'm obviously never going to be Lauren..
How does she do it??

I just want to be mildly clutterless
or organized clutter if you will :)

I will tell you, I really, really am working on it.
I mean I just purged my Vans sneaker collection that I've had since high school (we're talking 13 years people) it was hard to do but it was for the best.

one major problem is my ADHD
it has me all over the place
I start cleaning the basement and before I know it I'm up two levels in Elliott's closet..
which brings me to today!
I never really showed off much of the house (mainly because we're still working on it)
but I thought I would throw out some photos of what's been shaping up..

this is our entry way ^
how do people keep this clutter free??
If I was doing a blog photo I would've moved all the junk but I want to show off how we really live hahahha
I just hung the photos there yesterday..
the alarm system just seemed to stick out so much, I figured I would try to camouflage it
I still need one piece to hang next to the Newfoundland photo, and maybe something above the alarm but I'm in no rush. whenever I rush I seem to get something I'm not 100% satisfied with = clutter!


 Elliotts play room, I managed to get a whole garbage bag for donations out of there today and it still looks full ugh

BUT how cute is this pillow??!!
Its super Mario bros and its Halifax!!
god its cute hahahh
check Etsy!
he got it for his birthday but I'm sure its an Etsy find.
Now onto his room..

I rushed my decals and they didn't turn out as I planned!
I eye balled it and they ended up being way too close together and way too many.
but I digress..
if you have not heard of Urban Walls you need to get there ASAP.
right now!
leave my site!
Urban wall decals are AMAZING.

My nanny gave Elli these adorable wooden trucks.
I'd like to get a floating shelf system and put them on display.

that banner was from his Birthday party.. I couldn't not use it!

See how do I declutter that room???
I can't.
that's the answer.
however that room is good compared to the others...
stay tuned~!



  1. Very nice! With love and talent!

  2. Hi Holly
    I love your sparkly map of Newfoundland. Where did you get it from?