Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Happy New Year!!!!

maybe I'm alone, but do you ever feel like September is a mini New Years??
I mean it lacks the sparkle and glitz but it has that refreshing feeling of something new.

maybe its the kids going back to school
or the autumn air looming
but it feels like a good time to make changes and or resolutions.

I live over here on the slippery resolution slope of,
once I slide down the slope a little I crash and burn into oblivion
good intensions, bad procrastinator.
so, its safe to say I didn't get very much ticked off of my January resolution list.

and to add fuel to this fire I took a few weeks off of work this month.. so, talk about procrastination.
how do stay at home moms do it????
I legit will hang out in my pajamas all day, barely move off the couch except to make Elliott's meals/ maybe throw on one pan of banana muffins (or some equally lazy activity but you tell your brain at least when the husband gets home, and you look all jacked up like a crazy crack lady who hasn't showered or brushed her hair in 75 days.. you can say "but I made muffins!!!" like it took 15 slaving hours out of your day.. )

ok this is getting way off topic hahaha
my main point is, its time to press the refresh button and get some work done before the winter blues hit. Its going to be hard because like I said I can't get anything done unless someone HOLDS ME TO IT, but the fresh air is revitalizing so I'm going for it!
1. blog more!
I may have been MIA from the blog but where I've been has been the tube!
we just filmed a 'husband does my makeup' video today..
Its not live yet but you can see the finished look above ^
he didn't deliberately give me raccoon eyes but the fall out of that eyeshadow was real!
so he had to go with it ahahahah
we've been hanging out on youtube quite a bit over the summer too
check it out!

2. keep plants alive
help me!
how the heck do people take care of plants!
I will never be a green thumb
how often do you water your succulents???
3. health!
I totally fell off the health train and I feel horrible! ick, yuck, bleck
gym life is of top priority!

4. this one is a question..
I want to change my hair but what should I do??? food for thought.
I just had my extensions removed and reapplied a week ago though and they look fabulous!  

 ^ my own hair has grown out so well I don't think you can even tell where my hair stops and the extensions begin?!? can you tell?!
5. switching up décor
Fall is approaching so I perked up the front porch with some pops of colour
I really want to give the inside a good scrub and jush the place up with a few new pieces
(or rearrange the pieces I have)

^  I picked up these adorable pumpkins on sale at superstore last year for .54 cents and they brought in nearly identical ones with their new stock this year - $4.50 a piece!
Ha, shop after season!

this is a wreath I own^  (actual photo hanging in the basement)
BUT I saw the almost identical one at winners homesense
it was slightly smaller and it was ORANGE
it was adorable!
I picked it up because I was tempted to purchase but the hanging string broke right off when I lifted it up and the price tag said $34
oh hell no.
I was thinking I could spray paint this one orange.
what do you think?
its really quite sun faded and looking shabby so I don't think it could hurt but I'm still hesitant.
what if I cant get paint into all those little grooves?

and that's basically whats been floating through my thoughts lately!
new season, new you!
and speaking of seasons
can you just NOT WAIT for all the new TV shows to start?!?!?
tonights line up is already amaze!

this is us
dancing with the stars
bachelorette Canada
new girl
scream queens
counting on (yes. I know. but that family is addictive.)

brb like asap! muah!

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