Wednesday, 16 March 2016

What is a media kit??

I will not lie to you, this is a last ditch effort to post something today.
I have been working extra hours at the post office and I fell completely behind in life.
Like when you feed your family toast for 3 meals a day behind..
*toast with jam.
toast with a cheese slice.
toast folded in half so it looks like a sandwich but there's secretly nothing inside.
that far behind.
anywhoo I am on vacation coming up so I will cook veggies and whatnot then.
I have been wanting to share my media kit on the blog for a while.
mainly because I love creeping other media kits and I never know what to put in mine.
What is a media kit you ask ??
Its basically a little resume for your blog.
a little descriptive blurb that shows some numbers and tells the story of you.
I had this one made last summer and you would not believe how handy it has been!
Its pretty outdated at this point, its near impossible to keep up since my blog has grown but I still attach it to any business/sponsorship/collaboration emails.
Just yesterday I had a well known company email asking if I would be interested in working together and if could send a few notes about myself
- how long I've been blogging
- why I started
- what I like to feature
- fun details about my life
So I did all that and then I said " I will attach my media kit for some additional information"
and I felt pretty badass professional..  
long story short, it can't hurt to have a media kit on hand!
even if you're a small blog or you think your numbers aren't up to snuff
just do up a simple paragraph of who you are and focus on anything that sets you apart or your biggest accomplishment to date.
'fake it 'til you make it' basically runs my life.
take a peek and let me know if you have a MK of your own :)
also, I added some Easter décor pics to the end of this post in case you got this far but could not care less about what a media kit is hahah
winners kills every holiday.
I just want to buy all the holiday décor.



  1. Your media kit is beautiful! I've been putting off making one as my blog is still so small. However, it would be a nice touch of professionalism. Yours really captures your website well! Great inspiration :)

    Lindsey Elyse | lindseyginge

  2. Wooww that is a really good looking media kit! I've been meaning to build one and I really need to just get down and do it. I've had so many missed opportunities because I didn't have a media kit.

    Raincouver Beauty