Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Have you met your goals lately???

goals. ugh.
I make 'em, I break 'em.
I was determined to make 2015 my year.
I was also determined in 2014, 13, 12, 11, 09, 05, 1986..

Thought I would share my basic list of goals that I wrote in January and then I will tell you what I actually accomplished by this point.

^ not a whole lot of excitement on that list, I'm sure everyone has a similar version.
Procrastination is seriously my #1, I am THE WORST procrastinator.  
I will literally do ANYTHING else to avoid ANYTHING that is mandatory or on a time line.
It can be freaking brushing my teeth and I will come up with a reason to put off doing it.
Why am I like this??!
Most of my items were health related!
I really want to wake up almost daily feeling awesome! 
I think I can say for me, every single item on that list is actually mental health related.
 - When I work out.. gym, yoga I feel good, same for eating well = cooking, and drinking water.
-Which means I will have more energy for blogging and play.
- Plus play makes me feel happy!
- And when I'm happy I don't really need to shop as much which equals saved money!
I am an emotional shopper. Just like emotional eating. Its a serious disorder (watch Confessions of a shopaholic!) It makes me feel good in the moment..
 online, in stores, give me, give me,
it all gives me that high but then I have ALL. THIS. STUFF. I don't even know where to put it or have time to wear it. It just becomes clutter and a big visa bill. Its really quite stressful to have a shopping addiction.
Therapy Tuesday over here.

So I crossed off the items I failed at.
Black = I barely touched it.
Grey = I improved a tiny bit.

The money.
Ugh the money has been killing me.
I have been kind of emotional lately and that leads to the spending.
But in happy news I purchased this ^ rain jacket from Lululemon  and I have legitimately not taken it off. That's the thing about investment pieces, they may cost you a fortune up front but in the long run. I've already worn at least $78 dollars worth in two weeks.
Plus I have a lulu jacket I purchased 5 years ago, it looks brand new and its still in rotation!
I don't think you can go wrong with lulu outerwear or leggings.

We've been playin, we've been playin..
I've really be trying to be more present when playing or when doing anything with Elli.
He is changing SO fast.
I can't keep up with all the things he learns daily, it really is super cool.
His new word is "WoooOOOOOOw"
everything is WOW.

One thing I've stuck with is the fitness!
If you take a selfie almost every time you gym it, how many selfies will you have on the camera roll..? at least 17 on my phone lol
I've been at the gym A LOT.
its been paying off but not nearly as fast as I would like!
Why does self betterment take so freaking long!
So that's my update!
Do tell yours :)))

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  1. My goals from last year didn't get overly accomplished either but, so far this year, I'm doing pretty good! March has been especially good to me for the last week. My major problems include procrastination as well as snacking (all the chips!). Shopping is something I love to do as well. I'm trying to cut it out or at least cut down on it. I find that, instead of heading straight to the mall like I tend to do, if I hit up Value Village or the thrift store, I can still find some great things (like a H&M purse for 10$ with tags still on it!) and I don't feel so bad about spending money there. At the very least, it gets out my want to spend money while I browse the used items. Then, if that doesn't work, I make a list of what I need and I'm trying to do more budgeting (especially for groceries - aka snacks = $$$). Not totally working yet but, it's in progress.