Thursday, 24 March 2016

It's gonna be a Good Friday..

I've been on vacay for 6 days!
What! How?! 
I had such high hopes of ticking items off my to do list, but in reality accomplished nothing of what I wanted. 
What I did manage to do is have a LOT of fun, so I guess you could still call it a success. 

Semi successful at the very least. 
(that could be my life slogan 
"yeah! Semi successful!"

I did take advantage of the down time to be all about me. Seriously, I pampered myself big time and it felt good. 

I had a Sephora gift card, I could have been practical and get my favorite brow pencil.. But I saw this Marc Jacobs NP and I truly could not resist. 
Mint is a tough polish to come by, it's either too green or too turquoise. 
This one is the perfect mint! 
Plus it's named "Good Friday", Easter nails. 

I had my hair done! 
My hair has been growing SO fast. 
I think it's due to taking better care of it, hair mask every other day, regular trims. 
So that's good to know because I will probably grow my hair out again in the fall and you know I have no patience for that. *please grow fast

Elli had his hair cut too! 

^ I ALWAYS forget about this updo! 
You know the one with a headband and you literally wrap your hair into it. 
It is THE. SIMPLIEST. HAIR UPDO. of life. 
I am not on my laptop to post a link to a tutorial, but honestly Google: 
Headband updo 

There must be hundreds of blogs/video. 
I must post one of my own ASAP because it's just so simple and chic. 

I got a pedi! 
Living the dream. 
Although, I snuck this appointment in before having dinner with my girlfriends and it took WAY longer than expected. I kept asking if I was good to go and they said "No" 
I am not one for challenging people (in public ;)) so I sat and sat and sat, completely stressed as the minutes turned into me being super late to supper. The whole thing ended up stressing me to the max, thank god I said no to the mani!! Hahaha
My bad. Next time allot extra, extra time so I can actually relax. 

And finally I got a spray tan!!
I'm no stranger to the spray tan but this time I had the lady come to me and it was so convenient! 
There's a sneak peek above but I will be posting a separate blog about the entire experience so stay tuned! 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! xo 

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