Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Spray tan, yay or nay??!

I've been mulling over how to write this post for days (sssssss) now..

No matter how I put it I feel like this is going to come across as a negative review, and that could not be further from my feelings! Its just one of those things where you pick out all the downfalls instead of blabbing about all the positives because they just seem repetitive.. ya know what I mean ??

So, professional spray tans..

I'm no stranger to the spray tan, I've done the walk in machine thing that sprays you.
no one else in the room, just you and a stand up tanning bed that sprays orange water.

and I liked that one! I mean, it was quick and easy. I'm sure if you went often enough you would get really good at it and it could be flawless. but for me it was a little messy, streaky on the ankles, knees, elbows, even the neck area is tough. I wouldn't recommend you test that out before a major event, but all in all I liked it.

Then I was on the self tanner kick for a while and honestly I love self tanner!
The only downfall is having the time to do it, it is surprisingly time consuming if you do it well
(like every inch of your body and lots of buffing so you'll be streak free!).
 I love that I can do it by myself, you may want to have someone on standby for the mid/lower back, it is easier with help but I did it solo 99% of the time.

just recently I was all like "I wanna spray tan like a Kardashian.."

and so I did.
I called up Organic Tan Halifax and booked an appointment for her to come to me, SO convenient!
The bad news.. she said she doesn't do very many house calls anymore (booo)
I guess the salon in Halifax keeps her and staff very busy, so if you do want a house call you will have to book way in advance fyi! (the salon is on Agricola Street)
Suzanne was honestly the nicest women and will make you feel so comfortable!
She came in with her kit, popped up the spray tent (think a pop up tent lol, it is that exactly)
plugged in the spray gun and she was ready to go.
then comes the major question on everyones mind..
do you go naked???
you want as much spray tan as you can get!
but naked in my living room with a women I just met??!
I was conflicted.
I decided to go with just underwear on and quite honestly I don't think that was necessary.
She is super professional and has legitimately SEEN. IT. ALL.
She will tell you ways to move that would be so creepy if said by anyone else. ever.

(I took a photo of my tanned skin vs pale underwear line and I swear I can't upload it! I figured we are close friends now so I could show that kind of skin on the blog but the powers that be intervened.. maybe for the best lolol)
the whole process was fast and smooth.
you have little footies on so you won't tan the bottom of your feet and lotion on your palms etc.
she will tell you how to lift your arms, legs, everything.. so you get the smoothest application.
alright lets just look at the photos before I drop my final spray tan thought..

 you will be more brown immediately after
because of all the bronzer in the spray
don't be shocked when it all washes off
in the shower the next morning.
your tan will still be there but will lighten up.
24 hours + a shower later ^
I choose the lightest spray tan and I'm relieved I did.
she almost wanted to go with the medium shade but I think
it would've been way too much for me and this time of year.
If I continue to spray I will go with the medium for the summer months.
Selfies from the last week^
SO, I am 110% happy I did it Kardashian style.
It's been a week and I've faded but its still there!
Suzanne told me they normally last 10-14 days, I am cheap so will be trying to extend it as long as possible however I wash my face a lot so I do notice the biggest difference between my face and neck.. I just try to blend everything with foundation and that's been working fine.

Now the bombshell..
I paid $60 for her to come to me and spray.
would I do it again? YES
will I go to her salon? YES
do I think you can get the same-ish look with St. Tropez? YES
You can pick up the St. Tropez tanning mousse at Sephora for $52 and it will do you for quite a few full body tans.
but does it last as long? No.
My St. Tropez tan only lasts a couple/few days max and then I am completely pale again.
See St. Tropez tan photos:
^ very similar, no ?
Have you spray tanned?
at home?
in salon?
are there others I should try?
I've been so happy with all my fake bake experiences!
I love to embrace my pale skin but once and a while
(mainly summer when everyone else is a bronze goddness...)
 its nice to have a little colour!
I will be on the tanned train now until September I think!
I've caught the bug!
update: I feel like the photos are a bit hard to see on the blog
I will share them on my blog facebook page as well so you can zoom right in ;)



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