Friday, 4 March 2016

Hair elastics, lets do this..

hold onto your ponytails...
I am about to share my hair tie secret.
This may be 100% common knowledge
but it seems it took me 29 years to figure out, so there may be others out there who need my help.

Hair elastics
they are NOT all made equal
even when you think they will be because they're from the same brand.
see exhibit A:

I have a bad habit of running into the drug store and grabbing the first pack of goody elastics I find.
it wasn't until a few broken elastics later I realized they're not all the same, there are two types (maybe more) of goody elastics.
there's the type I like and the type I don't.

Meet Classic and Ouchless:

They look the same, they almost feel the same but they could not be more different.
I used the above elastics in the same action:
wrapped around my finger and pulled off

The Classic is thinner, feels like its going to break and curls up into a tiny little knot that you will never get untangled.

The Ouchless is thicker, stronger and pretty much every. dang. time. uncoils itself and is ready for its next project.

don't be fooled by the quantity of the Classic, I end up tossing them after each use.

the Ouchless I can have forever.

So that's that.
Go Ouchless and let me know if you feel the same.
It is pure love over here.

In other news I picked up Lauren Conrad's Beauty book and I like it!
I was never Lo's #1 fan or anything, I don't really know her much beyond the cat eye.
but I love books and easy reads especially, which this definitely is.
It's actually a lot like a magazine or dare I say very blog like!
Some of the chapters are a bit draggy but the photos are fun and her real confessions are pretty real.
(except when she says she looked soooo horrible with a Josie and the pussy cats haircut.. she totally doesn't. and really Lo if I showed you some of my middle school photos, you would actually be scared. REALLY SCARED.)

So all in all, I would recommend it if you're a beauty lover.
It makes for a very pretty coffee table book and you can pick it up and set it down at your leisure.

Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!! XO


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