Tuesday, 1 December 2015


So I've been struggling with what to write recently
Not for lacking ideas or yearning, just because I always think "who wants to read that???"

My life is not particularly interesting
also I've fallen into a what I like to call "blogger peer pressure cooker
I LOVE my blog peers, they've taught me so much but sometimes when you try to take on all of what they advise you end up not blogging at all! 

Ex: So many bloggers are moms, wives, hold down full time jobs etc. etc. etc. 
and their blogs are perfection! perfect photos, no spell check needed, thoughtful well written articles and interactive social media accounts. 

How ladies ??! HOW!?
I can't keep up so I get discouraged and procrastinate. 

Today I remembered I started this blog in 2014 for me!
Non perfect (its on my about me page!)
So I'm back to share it all, interesting or not
I won't commit to an everyday Blogmas but I will commit to letting go of the "I have to be perfect to post" feeling, and get my blog on as much as possible! 

To start a sneak peek of what will be coming to the blog and whats been on the go
Here's to a grand December!

A family that Stuns together, stays together :)
(glasses- target, after Christmas sale .25 cents a pack!)

So many things to make over! Started with this table, will post more..

We been brushin', we been brushin'..
So many teeth!

So much paint!
paint everywhere
we've painted everything but two bathrooms and the guest room in our new house

more table makeovers! see future blogmas..

New couch! Yayyyy

Elliott's room make over.. 
we are getting there!

What I've been wearing! 
This scarf! 
so much scarfing!

same scarf, different snuggle.

What we've been drinking..
cran beer ??? ? 
I just think his minion shirt is so cute I had to post it!
Sears Clearance centre .99 cents!! 

What we've been drinking part 2 and the weight I've gained.... 
whole other story.. 

What Elliott's been eating
and what he hasn't..
picky eaters age18 months has begun.

And finally HO HO! We will post lots of Christmas info/plans/decor this month!
stay tuned and Happy Tuesday!


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  1. I've missed your blogs!! Can't wait to see what you have been up to. I was a fairly new subscriber!