Tuesday, 1 December 2015


Winter ugh.
I struggle with dry skin all year round but fall +forward it gets bad.
Especially touching all the paper I touch at work, all I do is sort envelopes.. 
talk about dryness, paper cut city.. 

I've been using a few favorites lately I wanted to share:

I picked up this Salted Coconut scrub at Lush a couple of weeks ago, mainly because it smells soooo good. I am a sucker for coconut anyway, but add in salted.. its divine. 

Sometimes scrubs can be too harsh on my already dry skin but I found this one to be the perfect blend of exfoliate and moisturize. I scoop a handful out and bring it to the shower with me every few days. its really softened the skin on my hands, so much so I started using it on my little piggy's as well!

Cost: $29.99 
Once this is used up I probably wouldn't run out to repurchase right away but I would add it to my gift list for myself and others in the hopes of building a salted coconut stash.

Sticking with scent, the LaVanilla healthy body butter is another to die.
This isn't holy grail moisture but the scent makes me want to repurchase in a heart beat.
It has a great full but not greasy coverage and is the perfect before bed, keep in your car or purse hand cream.

Cost $23.00 at Sephora
Sephora Canada stopped carrying the Lavanilla brand for a hot minute so as soon as I saw it was back I loaded it in my cart! I'm unsure whether its here for good or temporary so you may want to test run it before its gone. *I apologize if you get addicted to the smell and then they make it go away again, don't say I didn't warn ya;)

Life brand skin lotion, this one was a shocker
I thought I had picked up a brand name bottle of moisturizer, when I got home I realized it was this.. meh oh well.
turns out the life brand is so, so much better than the brand name!
It is very hydrating, non greasy, fast drying, all around A+
I like the pump, this is a stationary lotion, kept in my pantry and a second one in the bathroom closet.

Cost: around $10 
I can't remember the exact amount but I've already purchased 3 of these babies so I will check it out next time I'm at the drug store.

The Derma Rescue by Kinderma
This was something I was very excited to try, I suffer from eczema and psoriasis (even on my head! ughhhh) so with a focus on those, I started using this on my shoulders and legs where I break out. 
and BAM, it was the perfect moisturizer for those sensitive areas!
It was very soothing, quick drying, non greasy, non scented and improved the rough psoriasis patches better than any other moisturizer I've used. ( If only they made shampoo and conditioner!) 

Cost: $46.95
available on their website and amazon
Kinderma also has other collections of cruelty free, made in the USA products that I've been looking into, including a hand scrub and a platinum version of their Derma rescue.

If you are someone who suffers like me or are very sensitive to moisturizers (make you rashy, break out) I think Derma Rescue is worth the money! Skin is our biggest organ, take care of yo'self and your organs will thank you :)

Kinderma has kindly offered readers a 
20% off discount using the code 


Good now through the end of the year! 
treat yourself!
(You know I will be since I just scratched/dried my hands out putting up that dang xmas tree!) 


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  1. Who knew that a store brand moisturizer would be so good? I've never personally tried it, but I'll definitely remember to give it a try!
    I also love glysomed as it works really well, I just wish it didn't smell so strongly/ awful.

    Thanks for sharing :)