Wednesday, 18 November 2015


This is me..
Just like                                                             ...
Not typing, barely getting anywhere in blogland life.
But anywoo I am back to show you my masterpiece!

What do you do when you have a very large wall and a very unsightly heat pump??
Well first you paint it (the wall) we upgraded from a builders beige to this muted teal.
Now, the wall is too large for one piece of art, I need something more complex to draw your eye away from that monstrosity. ^ 

I didn't want to go with just the basic photo gallery wall, I do them in almost every room, time to change things up.

Enters the silver platter wall!

I (my mom) had so many silver platters from our wedding a few years ago, and they were just hoarded away probably never going to see the light of day beyond the odd Christmas gathering. So I stole a page from one of my favorites, designer, TV personality, the bachelorette herself! Jillian Harris

I watched this episode of Love it or list it Vancouver months and months ago but I never forgot the tray wall! I loved it so much, so I hung onto this ^ Instagram photo in the hopes of having a tray wall in my future. 

Now to execute the plan..
If you have learned anything about me it should be that I. don't. plan.
I'm lazy.
I take the easy route. 
Most of the time its worked out :)

For tray wall I wanted what would be fastest and easy to hang them = command strips.
If you don't have command strips in your life then you need them, NEED THEM.
I never hammer any nails into my walls anymore, nails equal so much work!
measuring, hammering, re-measuring, re-hammering and then you're stuck with all the holes for eternity!

When used properly these leave no marks, nothing.
They aren't cheap, each container of 4 will cost you around $4-5 dollars but in the long run of nail holes, I think its a worthy investment.

Lazy lady tip #2:
If you can eye ball it, no need to make a detailed layout plan. 
only tools needed were the strips and a level, DO NOT SKIP OUT ON A LEVEL, even the laziest of ladies need that!

I picked up the largest tray and started placing around that.
The plan being I can always keep adding trays to the wall, I can rearrange down the road since I am only semi committed by using the command strips. 

I love my house to be a little bit imperfect, call it lived in, shabby chic..

Once I got a couple up I saw the direction I needed to go and it was like they just hopped up into place!

I love it so much! 
I love that they were used in our wedding and now get to be displayed.
love that its a bit unique or unusual.
I forgot to mention most of them came from second hand stores so in the scheme they were fairly inexpensive! 
and it adds just enough bling to distract from that unpleasant, yet practical heat pump! 



  1. Love it! I have an obsession with metal trays as well! Gotta find a wall space to put them on!!!

  2. Love that they are meaningful to you and not just some random collectors item you've had stashed away for a rainy day. You so crafty, momma. ;) want to come decorate my abode? Xo

  3. Oh I love it! I love the trays on the wall. Great job on your kitchen make-over!