Friday, 11 December 2015


Furniture makeover reveal!
This one is not my own so you can't blame me for the non blog worthy photos, alas I think the outcome is share worthy enough to make up for that! *hallelujah hands emoji 

This is the PINSPIRATION for the table, I (along with the rest of the planet) am obsessed with all things gold, and gold flecked, dipped, dabbed, dotted, donuts.. 

I saw so many tables similar to the above at Target before they left Canada.. And they were on the pricey end! It costs to have cool modern stuff! I think the norm was about $69-79 dollars starting, for a cool gold dipped leg side table.

The funny part is.. It costs so little to do yourself! I mean it takes a bit more work but you can totally pull it off for half the price! See my sisters attempt and let me know if it was worth it :)

Picked up this table at a bible thrift store in town (I've still not gotten there, I swear I'm going tomorrow!) it was $5 but 50% off day so she paid a pitiful $2.50! 

I have a OBSESSION with spray paint. Like watch out or I will spray you! 
No brushes, just spray and yay! 
Also spray paint has been making huge advancements, this ain't yo momma's spray paint, this is brand new Krylon Chalky finish paint and it's my new favorite! 

It's almost a dry matte finish, it's durable, full coverage and super modern looking! 

I never ever liked the shade of yellow I had sprayed that oval mirror, it was too big bird for me and it didn't cover up the previous paint colour. I picked up a can of the chalky finish and it took me 10 mins to makeover into a milder yellow, it's currently hanging in Elliott's room which o will reveal once I get some time to snap photos! 

So, if you ask me my sister did these steps backwards but.. 

She taped off the legs, painted the bottom portion with gold leaf paint (originally purchased at Michael's craft store) 

Once that was dry she taped the gold portion off so it wouldn't get sprayed and she spray painted the remainder white. 
(See I would've sprayed the whole thing white then done the gold.. But not my project) 

Honestly how cute??!?

Total cost: 
Table $2.50 
Spray paint $12 
       Barely $15 

I'm up to my eyeballs in makeover projects but I still want to get to that bible thrift shop ASAP!! 

Are you working on anything currently?? 

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