Sunday, 18 October 2015

Hask hair, has(k) to have it!

am a serial hair damage-r, I dye, blow dry, curl, straighten, repeat, repeat, repeat.. 

I'm forever trying to nail down the perfect hair care combo, something to make my hair feel young again, restore shine, moisture, without weighing me down. 

Enter Hask, 

I had seen Hask around the beauty world but it was just recently picked up by my local drugstore and I was gleefully delighted. 

1) because yay new test product 
2) because I wasn't sure Hask would be sold in drug stores, it seemed more high end or speciality store 

Repairing shampoo and conditioner: 

You can tell from the first wash that your hair has improved, this product is not one that must be built up or used on repeat to feel the difference, it has immediate results. 

The shampoo alone added moisture to my hair but the conditioner was the real moisture inducer and I didn't have to let it sit the entire length of my shower to see results. 

Normally I let my conditioner sit a minimum 10 mins but with this combo you actually want to cut that down. If you leave it too long it may give you a weighted feeling because it's so effective. 

The Argan Oil treatment: 
If you're not using oil on your ends and you struggle with dryness/ damage, GET AN OIL. That's all I can say, I've been end oiling for years and whenever I hit a slump and forget to use it my ends frizz and split. 

Argan Oil Deep Conditioning treatment: 
Aka hair mask
Again if you're not masking and you're a serial damager pick up this mask!  
I just started using masks religiously over the last year and they have done miracles! Thicker than the conditioner and really creamy, my hair was so shiny afterwards. 

I'm so happy with my Hask goodies, like so happy. We are travelling this week and the shampoo/conditioner combo are the only hair care items I packed. (That's saying something!) 

My only words of advice would be NOT to over do it, if you have fine hair you may not need the entire collection. Each product is so nourishing on its own you could probably start with just the shampoo/conditioner or just the oil or the mask. However I scouted the prices at the local drug store and you can get all the above for about $20, so if you're feeling the full Monty it won't break the bank, go all out!

You can also find the products online see:

*The above items were sent for me to review but that was just amazing luck on my end because I was ready to purchase them on my own. Would recommend and purchase again!
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