Sunday, 1 November 2015

A scent-ational memory with Demeter

I wasn't at all hung up on sentimental details when I got married but one thing  I really wanted was a new perfume specifically to be worn on my wedding day. 
It was something I read about on The Small Things Blog you buy a new scent for that special occasion then whenever you wear that scent in the future you will be transported back to wedding memories. 

I have a terrible, terrible memory, I need a visual, musical or in this case a scent-ual?? scent-ical?? reminder. (There's probably a word for that, I just thought scent-ual would be more fun)

In walks the Demeter fragrance memory box..

I was so excited when this showed up at my door, it had been a long day at work and this was a unexpected surprise. Unwrapping it I was shocked to find a completely custom, beautiful trio of  scents just for me!

On the Demeter website you can actually customize your own smells. You can purchase duos or trios and pick them to fit your preference, you can layer them or wear individually. 

I was sent two sets of three fragrances, the first set of scents (above) are memory inspired by Demeter's CEO Mark Crames. The trio is so personal and unique, I love his description of each scent and why he choose them/was so passionate about making them perfect.

You can read here:

Out of the three I am partial to the Vanilla Cake Batter, but that's a no brainer for me because I love delicious foodie scents. In second place would be Mountain Air because it really does remind me of fresh, clean smells. However Rice Paddy layered with Mountain Air = a lovely crisp scented duo, and exactly why these scent trios are so cool! There are so many possible combos.

On to my scents (above),  nailed it!
Fall is my very favorite time of year, everything about it screams memories!
Cool weather, warm drinks, comfort food, Halloween aka candy, my birthday aka cake!
Flashbacks, flashbacks, flashbacks!

All three of my personalized scents are so yummy I feel like licking myself when I wear them.

Mulled Cider, smells exactly like cinnamon and a gum my mom used to chew when I was little, flashback to my young self stealing pieces from her work smock ;)

Caramel, smells like family familiar fudge and the sweetest of sweet of Halloween candies, those little square caramel ones that were so popular in the '90's. I want to dip my entire body in a bath full of this scent, from head to toe I cant get enough.

Vanilla Cake Batter, nothing left to say.

On days I'm feeling more Autumn-y I will wear just Mulled Cider.
For a milder scent day, Cake Batter.
And for any day for the rest of my existence.. Caramel, it's just that good.
Worn all together the trio balance into a delectable scent-sation!
And if you want to get fancy use as a room spray, your house will smell like it belongs on Pinterest.

You can check out the rest of the scent library here.
Be prepared for scent overload, they legitimately have all the smells!

Thanks to Demeter and the Canadian Beauty Bloggers for sending me the above fragrances and making them so me!


  1. Mulled cider is so delicious!! I want to buy a bunch of apple juice and cinnamon syrup to make batches at home!

    Macarons and Mischief

  2. Vanilla Cake Batter sounds like it smells lovely! Glad you enjoyed them :)