Thursday, 15 October 2015

Cher, Cockroaches and a lipstick..

Do you know what you'll be wearing for the end of the world?? 
I do! I do!

You know how they say the only thing outliving the apocalypse will be the cockroaches and Cher.. 
well I'd like to add one more to that list.. 

I've been having a liquid lipstick obsession lately. 
so I put a couple brands to the wash off test and BA BAM, clear winner.

I don't normally need a makeup remover to remove my lipstick, it just kind of wears off throughout the day and by nightfall its a goner but I noticed something was different about my liquid lippies so I did a swatch test.

KVD, Outlaw $24 (bought at Sephora)
KVD, Bauhau5 $24 (bought at Sephora)

Swatched them all at the same time,
applied Bioderma makeup remover to cotton pad to remove and.. 
that Sephora Cream lip stain did not budge!
Not even a speck!

I was in shock! 
and sort of scared.. lol
*note to self, do not wear Sephora Cream lip stain unless you plan to WEAR it for a while!

Wowie, that is a determined stain, I just cannot get enough lip stains,
and much like Cher I hope they stay around forever.
(so perfect for moms, apply once and no worries, its staying in place!) 

*I like my Sephora but if I had to choose between the two brands I would buy the KVD a million times over! There's just something about it, creamy, solid, matte. Kat is really killing the makeup world I can't get enough of her stuff, I wore my Outlaw - Brick red out to vote. 
it really accented my Save Canada Post pin, don't you think ;)

They say its a brick red but it just seems like a classic red to me! Not too deep, just right.

Get out and vote your buns off on October 19th Canadian friends!
Chat again soon! XOXO

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  1. That color looks amazing on you! That's one of my biggest fears with lip stains (it never going away!) all three are pretty colours, makes me almost brave enough to move away from the million nude tones I have..... Almost lol!

  2. holy wow! cannot believe ANY stain could outlast makeup remover like that! those Kat shades are FAB!

  3. WoW! You look gorgeous. All of your lipstick tips are awesome. I believe everyone must follow you and need to use Liquid Matte Lipstick to make a perfect beauty look like you.