Tuesday, 13 October 2015

The One With All The Boxes...

oh hey there,
welcome to life re-cap 101.

First off I'm sorry,
I'm sorry for being a sporadic blogger, a text ignorer, a not at all caught up with DWTS episode-r.

The past couple months have been crazy.
I know I already blogged that exact sentence like 10 times this year..
But this time I really mean it!

So much has happened I'll just throw some bullet points:

- house in Newfoundland went up for sale
- I got transfer letter for work in Nova Scotia
- offer came in on our house here (yay!)
- we went on a house hunting trip to Nova Scotia
- after an exhaustive search found the right new house
- came back to Newfoundland to tons of paperwork/things to do for both new and old house
- Nicks last day of work in Newfoundland - yesterday! wow now this is real
- packing, organizing, stressing, 4 more days of work for me!

That brings us to today!
I cannot believe we are leaving Newfoundland for good, I can't believe it, very sad (that's all I will say for now)

This week we have repair men, movers, bankers, doctors, hair stylists, girl guides and friends to see.
And in one week from now we will be in Nova Scotia!

The scary part is that the next few weeks will probably be even more crazy/scary.
We have so much to do once we get to NS, and we both start work right away but I can't wait to keep you all posted with the new fun stuff!
There is going to be tons of house before and afters as well as "someone come save me, please save me from this moving mess" posts, so I hope you all will stay tuned!

for now see below for a peek of our trip:
Elliott's second plane trip and he was a bit restless but tons of snacks and taggie saved us.

Taggie is his bedtime buddy, his thumb hits the mouth as soon as he sees him.
He also loves when we kiss taggies tags.. weirdo.

bite dad..

Conveniently scheduled our trip around the wiggles! whoooo hoo
Lachy was legit a foot away from me at one point and I froze in Awe, kicking myself now for not grabbing a photo.

Of course we made it on the news.
I had no idea, I looked like a big yellow blob!
Had I known they sent the media I would've tried to flash a business card or something!

Since we are moving and I don't have to pack, I'm allowing our house to go to the dogs..
Normally that Tupperware would drive me...

gone to the dogs...

just kidding we cleaned that..
but its getting really hard to occupy this kid! I need some fresh play ideas..

I didn't want to risk my prized lipstick collection at the hands of the movers so I smuggled them all to NS during our house hunting trip. There is going to be MAJOR purging when we settle after the move.

Any advice for de-cluttering, simplifying, purging, cleansing of the junk ?  ??? ? help!

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