Tuesday 20 June 2023

Sunday Supper: What to eat this week


This past week was BAD, real bad. (for food😆)

Every single day there was a party. There was a lot of ice cream and pizza.

Safe to say the entire family is not feeling their best. We enjoyed the partying, don't get me wrong 😂

But being out of the house so much was tough! We weren't home at all and when we were it was KD and pizza here as well because we were rushing out the door!

I did make the Benjiman TV creamy spaghetti which is one of my absolute favourites!! 

It is so quick and easy & SO tasty! The whole family enjoys this one and I had been craving some comfort pasta. 

I love this recipe because it is fast to pull together, I usually have everything on hand  and I always keep a frozen garlic bread on standby for the side. If nothing else the kids will demolish a garlic bread!

See the Youtube video below 

I use any canned pasta sauce but this one is a fav of mine but I'll tell you my secret with canned pasta sauce, let me know if anyone else does this.. 

We don't like it chunky.. so I pour that jar in the food processor and whip it into a smooth, rich sauce!

It makes any sauce better, I swear! Its richer and creamier, we love it this way.

I didn't find we had enough sauce to ground beef so I added a can of these Pomodoro San Marzano tomatoes to the food processor and whipped these into some extra sauce.

I CANNOT live without these tomatoes now!! but they're so expensive!!! I could cry. 

Someone message me when these go on sale 😂

$6.49 a can omg. I just checked. I remember basically last year they were $5 bucks a can and I couldn't handle that. Ugh. I am sad now. 

Anyway, I was going to say I can't live without these tomatoes. I always have them on hand because they make the best pizza sauce, just blend them up with some Italian spices. 

& They make fantastic tomato soup!

And they can fill in on any recipe that requires tomato sauce.

do you need to see a photo of my KD?

But I need to know how you use your ketchup with your KD 😆
Dollop on the side, zig zag, happy face.. don't answer if its no ketchup that's just crazy! 

Nick and I went out to Sushi Nami which was really nice and I had the teriyaki bowl. I use to love their teriyaki bowls but I hadn't had one in years and it was much more spicy than I remember!

These Smokin' Corn ribs from Presidents choice were a hit!
PC sent these over to me to test out from the Summer Insiders Collection and they are so yummy. 

They eat like a rib would and they're covered in a tasty BBQ sauce but its the perfect amount, not too much, definitely kid friendly!

I made them in my air fryer and they were easy peasy! Will purchase for future events, especially good for a quick side that you know will be satisfying but doesn't need much fuss.

Why did I order pizza when we had pizza 367 times this week already!?😆


Someone in a local group shared this post from Alexandras Pizza that said grease is a good thing when it comes to pizza boxes and honestly they're not wrong. It was pretty good pizza. Not Cape Breton Pizza.. but it was a nice treat!

We never have Alexandras and I think that's going to change. The secret is to order the 4 cheese garlic fingers (pictures above) I don't think I can go back to 1 cheese! 

Alright, I just got a major grocery order yesterday so hopefully this week will be better than last. 
Whats on your menu this week? I'm still trying to figure out if I'll have time to make a turkey. 

I did purchase a rotisserie chicken so I can make some sandwiches and soup and I also made a little surprise purchase... I BOUGHT A PANINI PRESS. 

Just a $40 one from Amazon, it's on sale right now, see below!
Good reviews and good price as a beginner panini lover but an experienced Sammy lover!

Nilah and I are obsessed with Press Play Cafe in Lower Sackville, Its a play place, board games and a cafe, great atmosphere.

Their food is so yummy! I am obsessed with the chicken cranberry panini and I have to learn how to make them at home. I swear I could eat that sandwich everyday. I always go in and get the same thing, chicken cranberry panini and tomato soup. 

So say tuned 💝

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