Saturday 8 July 2023

Cha-cha-cha-cha- changessss...

 This last year (summer 2022-2023) has been cray cray!

So much has happened, I couldn't possibly recap it all but lets go over a bit and if there's anything you'd like to hear more about just let me know! I keep meaning to keep everyone in the loop but all I can seem to do is hold on for the ride.

Honestly the only way I can remember all these things is by looking back in my photos! 

Thank goodness I am a 24/7 photog who never deletes anything 😂

Last Summer we went to PEI, it was such a great family vacation. We are so thankful to live near so many beautiful places and attractions, the islands are my favourite. 

The photo above was taken at Grandpas Old Fashion Photos in Cavendish. 

What you may not be able to see is that during this time I was having incredible back pain. It's very rare for me to have this level of pain, I couldn't stand straight at all, I could hardly walk, I was really pushing myself to smile.

We were half way through the vacation at this point and I chalked it up to sleeping weird and all the walking but wow, it was rough and I took a lot of Tylenol. 

Later on I would discover that I was Pregnant at this time (cue all the guilt for that Tylenol 😔) It was very early, probably the cause of this back pain. And sadly that pregnancy didn't work out and you can read more about it Here - Click

That was difficult, especially around special times like the holidays and the due date, which was around my BIL's birthday and we don't have many spring birthdays in the family so I did look forward to that and the joy it would bring. 

The last photo of me when I was pregnant

Unfortunately I didn't have much time to mourn as I went immediately into the boob saga!

You can read that complicated story Click Here, thank you to my friend Krista for this wonderful piece!

Even more unfortunate is that this is ongoing. Just last month I had another scare with this development. I did go to the dermatologist and its just one of those things... we can keep an eye on it but there's no real explanation. 

stupid boob

Anywhoo, during all this life was marching on!
Just Last August >

We started major house renovations last summer, we had a beautiful shed built, our entire basement finished, including blowing out windows! We got new builtins in the living room, a new backsplash in the kitchen, we painted the entire basement, main level and half of the upper level!

We had to fix our broken ensuite and I got the most beautiful custom made Little Library added to the front yard!

I can't believe how far we've come in a year house wise! I always said it would go by fast and feel like we've had these changes forever (which it does!) but when you're going through them - its a lot!

We LOVE everything about our little makeover and have always felt so happy and at home here but this really sealed the deal. Plus you can't buy good neighbours and we have a wonderful community, I am obsessed, I want to do more and have more parties but I had to take a bit of a break because of all the things on the go here at home and with this boob 😆

I started helping out more at the kids school, took on some extra things with the president position for the school PTO and what a learning experience that's been! Crash course in everything from dances, to bingo, to markets and managing my own emotions and expectations. I LOVE doing this kind of thing, but trust me there were MANY tears and many, many laughs. At the end of the day I couldn't have survived without the help of the PTO members, and I feel super excited and much better prepared for the upcoming year. 

I spent a year on another board at the local community centre and learned so, so much there as well. This was more the business and management side of things. I did step down this summer as I signed up to be a Girl Guide leader again and I couldn't manage all the things on the schedule but I am so thankful for the people I met and the information I gained through that experience. 

We have dealt with pretty severe anxiety with the kids this year, much too much to get into but that's basically what brought me back to being a Girl Guide leader. I feel like I am well suited to work with the kiddos because its all fun and games to me! I really enjoyed being a leader in Newfoundland and I want to be there for the kids as they're joining and growing through these phases/ages/clubs.

On a very sad note we lost our Roxy Girl (cat) last spring and we sadly, lost Marley Dog on January 1st 2023.
The house is so empty without her and she will never be replaced, we talk about her almost daily and I look at her photos all the time. 

We did open our doors to a new family member - TEDDY BEAR the sheltie. 
You know him, he's a cutie and it's like he's always been here. 

We made some really special memories this year! We *just* came home from PEI 2023 which is always amazing and we did something super fun in April - the 5 of us went to Punta Cana, Dominican. 

It was the kids first time on a plane and they did AMAZING. I was worried, I am not good under pressure when flying. I get claustrophobic and anxious so if the kids lost it, I felt like I would lose it, it would have been a whole mess! But they were incredible! Honestly, it went the best it could have minus Nilah peeing all over me when we were only 20 minutes from home because she was terrified of the plane bathrooms. I can't blame her 😂

Something I didn't share publicly yet is that Nick and I have been doing a little house hunting!
We have been on the lookout for a cottage for our family to grow into. We have been looking online, going to viewings and we made 1 offer so far! Which wasn't accepted 😅 But its a dream we have, we even looked at a tiny house!! We have a very modest budget but you never know.. someday we hope to find The Cozy Clarke Cottage.

I have been working so much this year! I tend to shy away from calling myself a working mom but that's what I am I guess! It's not as traditional as my work with Canada Post (am I going back?? Who knows, I have a tiny bit more time to figure it out) but I have worked so much this last year with Brands and Businesses, with creating my own line of Journals and trying to figure out what's next for Holly's Housewife Life. 

That brings us to it!

What is next?!?

I have been working with Incandescent Clothing for a year now, having the time of my life and learning so much about fashion, business and women supporting women!

Going to incandescent every week has really brought a joy to my life that I didn't even realize I had missed so much. I LOVED working retail. I love the mall, the people, the styling and the community. 

I love beauty, makeup and the fashion world. 

I also love education. I have done so many different things in my life, some traditional, some self taught and I always come back to wanting to learn more. Last year I looked through every course available at NSCC and I truly would love to take so many of them. 

I have an interest in PR, Marketing, Fashion, Design, all of the beauty world and so much more. 

I've gone through the schedule so many times wondering if someday I could make it fit and maybe I would go back to school or who knows! I don't believe there's only one way to gain an education, NSCC or University have some great options but I am I hands on learner and maybe I just want to shadow someone or maybe I am craving a new job or career...

After putting A LOT of energy into this.. the bottom line is it still doesn't fit this season of life for me, just for me! I know many people who make it work but I am looking at our life and I'm very happy, I want to be here all the time, I want to support the kids in the ways they need right now and with all the anxiety in this house.. it means I should be at home for now, doing what I do here - which is A LOT. Kinda why I need a break or change of scenery TBH 😆

So how do I fill that nagging feeling like I need something more for me? 
This upcoming fall will be very different, all 3 kids will be in school 9-2, I've never had that kind of schedule so I decided to sign up for school myself.. but not dive in as deep as community college etc. 

I decided to take an online Makeup Course at The Institute of Makeup Artistry

This is a 6 month program, all online, based out of Vancouver BC. 
Because it is online, I will not be a member of the Cosmetology board here in NS.

They unfortunately do not accept online diplomas but it will give me a great boost into the beauty world. I will gain real knowledge and skills that will hopefully make me feel more confident in sharing with you all!

I've had a bit of an imposter syndrome over the last year or two when it comes to beauty. 
I don't have any technical training and the YouTube world has grown and changed so much I felt like I couldn't keep up. 

I am really excited to build my confidence and skills while being able to share my portfolio and test the waters to see if this is something I will continue for fun or if maybe there's even further education in my future. 

I start immediately and will keep you in the loop!!

OH! another change. 
We sold our Civic!

My 13 year old baby. She was a great car, so, so many memories are wrapped up in that tiny car and it was very sad to say goodbye. 

We are now a 2 van fam and I can't recommend a mini van enough! they're amazing 😍
But a Honda Civic will forever be a real MVP..

And there just might be more on the horizon for HHWL and friends... 

I've been leaning into what I love and you know that's a long list 😂
 but Friends, Family, TV, beauty and fashion would fall near the top 💗
Stay tuned for more... you know I gotta keep you on your toes!!

Chat soon!! XOX
Happy Summer!!

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