Monday, 12 June 2023

Sunday Supper: What to eat this week

 I have NO idea where this week went!?? 

What did we eat all week? I have almost no photos and even worse, almost no memory! 😆

We were out of the house A LOT this week, Nicks work has still been incredibly busy and the kids are wrapping up some sports while others are already starting (I'm looking at you soccer... wish they would hold off until the end of the school year 😅) 

I have been buying the kids lunch at the school cafeteria so its one meal I won't have to worry about.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays Nilah goes to a 9-2pm Preschool so she gets lunch provided on those days. 

I know that we were still snacking on a lot of leftovers from last week, we finished off some waffles and I had some chicken parm subs and some soup to finish earlier this week. 

Then at the beginning of the week I made a slow cooker pulled chicken. 

Pulled Chicken or Pork is a staple in this house! I just added it to the rotation this last year and I will never go back. It is so simple to make, I use the EPICURE pulled pork seasoning and drop it in the crock pot with either boneless skinless chicken breast or some type of pork (I usually have chicken breast so that ends up being more common). 

I saw my friend Jen from Simple Local Life - Click here for her sweet and sour meatball recipe that is an absolute favourite of ours!! Sweet and sour meatballs - click here 

Jen posted in her instagram stories about a package of sweet and tangy pulled chicken seasoning from clubhouse I believe, so I will be checking that out when at the grocery store.

I like pulled chicken because it can turn into anything!

A fresh bun with nothing, or add mayo, or add cheddar, or add coleslaw. 

Enjoy the chicken on rice or salad or, or, or.. 

Its so easy!

Next I did some Nacho Dip cups for Noelles Dance Awards Night and this is my GO-TO party snack.

I make it for everything 😆 Every Birthday, party, book club.. Its just so simple but so tasty and you can take it as far as you'd like to when it comes to toppings or side dishes. 

I usually make this on a large platter and smear it across the entire thing, I have a really nice sized platter from Superstore and it has a little lip on the edge so the dip doesn't fall over the plate. 

But since Covid I have been making individual cups if its for a larger event so that everyone can take a cup and a handful of Tostitos on their plate and hopefully that way it saves some of the cross contamination 😄

Holly's Famous Nacho Dip

- one package cream cheese 

- one LARGE tub sour cream

- one package of taco seasoning mix

- marble cheese

- tomato 

- green onion

- bag of tostitos

I always use the non brand name items for all the above, except the Tostitos! I am a Tostitos snob.

This recipe is SO simple and you don't need any gadgets to make it but let me tell you... 

Nick and I have been making this for 100 years and we use to use a potato masher and mix the dip by hand but these days we use either a handheld mixer or even our mini food processor and its a world of difference!!! so much quicker and easier!

Take out your ingredients and allow the cream cheese to warm a bit on the counter, you just want it a little soft or it may be chunky. 

Mix 2/3 a block of cream cheese, the entire tub of sour cream and 2/3 (or to taste) package of taco seasoning, this is where you could use a potato masher but its much easier to use a handheld mixer!

Mix until all combined and the dip turns a light pink shade.

Then you can spread this on a platter or make individual cups.

Next top with whatever toppings you like! We do a lot of cheese, sometimes we do only cheese because the kids like a plain dip. But mostly I top ours with cheese, tomato and green onion. 

It is so tasty!! You can serve this along side some tacos or picky plates and we use it as its own meal in those situations.

Or you can pack them up for a party! 🎈

When we picked Elliott up from Scouts Camp this weekend they provided lunch, love a provided lunch!! haha 

BBQ'd hotdogs, veggies, chips and cake!

I made myself a mozzarella, avocado grilled cheese style sandwich and it was really yummy!
I pulled this together from nothing so I was pleased with it, added lots of lettuce and some cracked pepper. 

It was delish!! but next time I will be trying to match it up with either a tomato, bacon or both! 
It needed something salty. We just bought a tomato plant for our back deck and I'm so hopeful that I will have fresh tomato this summer 🤞

So tell me what you made for supper this week!!
I actually bought a turkey this weekend so we will have turkey supper this coming week and then I can make soup, salad, sandwiches etc with the leftovers.

We have a full schedule until about mid July! and then its still really full just not as full 😆
So I have to try and get a head of things now 💗

Let me know if you try the nacho dip or make something similar! There are all kinds of variations out there 😍

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