Sunday 4 June 2023

Sunday Supper: Meal Planning

It's Sunday, I cannot believe a week ago at this time we were just at the beginning stages of the Nova Scotia wildfire nightmare.. my heart goes out to all my Nova Scotians at this time. 

I truly do not have the words for the devastation and loss, I hope everyone is doing as well as they can be. We will continue to look for resources to share and take part in.  Thinking of you all 💔

During the last few months we have been very busy and my meal prep has been almost non existent. You know I like the beginning of the week to get a start on things so I thought I would try to share more food content on the blog, starting today!

We finally invested in a garage freezer - yay! It is a big, beautiful stand up freezer and its my dream to have it filled with all sorts of soups and meals for not only our family but friends and acquaintances as well. 

I thought if we all share a bit more food ideas that would inspire me to get cooking! I'll share with you, you share with me and maybe we can get inspired to fill some freezers and some bellies. 

There is only 1 rule and that is that this is a 100% judgement free zone!

I am not a great cook, it's not all healthy, its a mess a lot of the time but it is just suppose to be inspiration. Take what you like and modify it for you and I will do the same :) 

I have come a long way in my cooking journey and dare I say... I enjoy cooking! 

So let's look at some food from last week!

The week started off great with these delish little lobster rolls from Presidents choice and a side of homemade french fries!

These are new from the Summer Insiders Report - Read The PC Summer Insiders Report Here

I always love the Insiders report for inspiration, style and fun new flavours. This season did not disappoint! PC dropped me off 2 bags of their new goodies so keep an eye on my meals to find out what the favs were. 

These Lobster rolls were so good because they come pre cooked! You literally only have to defrost and serve. The buns were so tasty but next time I purchase these I will make sure to pick up some lettuce just to fill up the sandwich and give it that little crunch. 

There are 6 buns in the box, & package of lobster for $24.99 

Ok, this was also gifted from Superstore and it is yummy, yummy, yummy. 

It's a sweet BBQ sauce which I used for many things so far but I really liked it mixed in with some cooked shredded chicken and baked for 10 minutes on top of nachos and cheese!

This would work for so many meals. I think I will try the BBQ chicken on little naan rounds as Bbq chicken pizza - a friend suggested this! yummy!

Speaking of chicken, I always seem to have some on hand. 

So this week I made Chicken Parmigiana sliders on sub buns. 

These were not fancy, I mixed some shredded chicken (I always have shredded chicken 😂) with some marinara I had left over in the fridge, topped with some mozzarella. 

But the trick to really tasty sliders is to mix some Epicure SPG with a little melted butter, brush over the buns and place back in the oven to bake until warm and toasty. 

Epicure has really helped me simplify spices and this SPG is good for every dish!

I rounded out the week with some homemade soup!
I love soup and would eat it every day so I usually alternate making homemade Tomato and homemade Chicken noodle. Whenever I make chicken and want to bulk it up for supper I mix up some dumplings and drop them on top! They're just so easy and add a nice cosy feeling to the meal.

Honestly life has been so busy lately, I have really leaned into DIY meals! 
Think Family style but even more DIY.. 😂

I have been prepping and placing all the foods in the middle of the table and getting the kids to help put their our plate together and serve themselves. 

Some examples that work great are: 
Sub station
Mini Naan rounds with pizza toppings
Chicken strips, macaroni and veggie meal
Taco night

So there are some of the meals we have enjoyed over the last week or so, what have you been making??

Tonight I cooked some ground beef and I made some pulled chicken in the slow cooker so we can make some meals out of those this upcoming week. 

We tend to do more simple & plant based meals for breakfast and lunch and hearty meals for supper but I am always looking for ways to up my plant based meals. You know I LOVE mushrooms! I eat so many mushrooms! 

A lot of veggies are hard on my IBS but we are big fruit eaters, I can't keep fruit in the house. It feels like it's all I buy and it is still gone by the end of every shopping day 😆

Lately I've been purchasing green juice and I find that's a good way to get some of those greens into us but it doesn't have the same harshness as eating raw veggies does (for me). 

Chat soon!
Take Care

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