Saturday, 14 January 2023

5 on Friday!


Well, well, well. . 2 weeks into 2023 and this has hardly been the simplistic start to the year that I had hoped for but none the less I can't complain! Life has been chugging along and I've enjoyed so many things lately, let's take a peek at them and can you help me out with something???

1. Our basement is done! YAY, it looks gorgeous, the above photo is my new office. Just out of frame there is a large but very slim+ sleek/minimal in depth rounded top mirror hanging on the wall. 

An arched mirror (? is that what to call it? 😂) 

And I'm looking to mimic the arch look on the wall behind my desk, using PAINT. Has anyone done an arched mural? How should I go about getting the perfectly arched look?

I thought this would be the perfect way to incorporate some colour but keep things really fresh & clean. 

I am SO SCARED of this DIY. Usually I just dive in but this arch has me incredibly intimidated! Any tips appreciated. 

Heres an example of what I am looking to do ->

2. Book Club Month!

It's book club time! whoooo

Reading is hitting the top of my priority list again and to hold myself accountable we are starting a small in person book club.

The first read is called, Every Summer After by Carly Fortune.

Feel free to read along and we can catch up in an online book club!

I am also reading It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover, a classic must read suggested by so many people but for whatever reason this is the 3rd time I've had to start it! I just couldn't get past the first couple of chapters but this time I am into it and will be finished soon - no spoilers, I've managed to stay away from any information and I am so excited for myself because I love spoiling endings 😂

3. My friend Nichole dropped these Amazing Cinnamon buns off yesterday and they're SO GOOD. 

Nick asked me to bring him a second bun last night while we sat down for some tv time and Nick is not the sweet tooth that I am, he will always take savoury over sweet, in fact I usually have to coax him to get dessert (which sucks BTW lol) so for him to ask for a cinnamon bun when I wasn't having one, means that theses are the worlds best.

Nichole is fundraising and selling Valentine Cookie Boxes in February so message her to order!

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4. I have been watching soooo many throw back TV shows and I'm loving it!

Boy Meets World - Disney

Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Disney 

One Tree Hill - Amazon 

The OC -Amazon

I would love to know what you're watching and more specifically what reality tv you're watching? 

Elliott and I even watched 13 going on 30 last night and he loved it. So excited to share some throwbacks with him, we love watching things together. 

Did you see Jennifer Garner and her 17 year old daughter out together lately? They're TWINS, & they're both gorgeous!! It's unreal how much they look alike, so sweet. 

5. I have some good news about my biopsy if you've been following that drama 😂 

My doctor called today while I was at Hockey with the kids so I missed the phone call but she said she's received my first biopsy results back and it looks good, I shouldn't worry about them but she will call me on Monday to discuss. Still no results from my separate biopsy but that was just done a couple of days ago so hopefully in a few weeks all of this will be behind me. yay!

Alrighty, have a GREAT WEEKEND. PARTY HARD. 💜

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  1. @georgetownonmymind posted a tutorial for an arch done in paint on a wall in a nursery she designed. Not sure it may have been a reel