Sunday 29 January 2023

We have some big news!



Look, I am honestly as shocked as you are right now. 

This happened very, very quickly & the universe forced me into it!😂

I kept saying, no, no, no, too soon.

But the universe KNOWS. I trust her and she just knows. 

She dropped this little puppy right into my lap and now we're all SO excited. 

I swear to you I had no intentions of getting another pet right now, we are still grieving Marley and we have a lot on the go, it wasn't on the to-do list to get any animal.. let alone a little baby pup. 

But here we are 🤷! 

In about 6-8 weeks we will be taking home a little baby Sheltie pup and we are all so in love already I can't even begin to convince you, just trust. 

We have very, very briefly been thinking of names. When I asked for pet names on my instagram just last week that was because we had started thinking maybe we would be adding a dog to our home possibly in the fall. I had no idea that our plans were going to move up 6+ months sooner.

So now our "we have forever to come up with the perfect name" timeline has been majorly adjusted and I'm scared I won't know what to name him/her!

Today when we went to see the mama I heard the kids talking afterwards and Noelle wanted to name the pup snowflake. 

Then this evening when Elliott was talking to my mom I heard him tell her that he and Noelle had already named our pup and its name is....


I asked.. "Whattt???"

And he says 

Oh Yeah, Noelle wanted to name her snowflake but we discussed and because it was a nice sunny day, I suggested Sunny and we both liked it.

So there's that..  hahaha 

I actually LOVE the name Sunny or Sonny but I am not sold until I meet this little pup and see its sweet face and personality. 

So here are some other names we have thrown into the idea bank:


Lady (this is a dog my grandparents had and she was an angel)



Dixon/Dixie (this is a family name)

Mckinley/Mac (this is a family name)

Wilkinson/Willie (this is a family name)

Rich/Richie (this is a family name)

Oz/Ozzie (this is Buffy inspi)

Rupert Giles (this is Buffy inspi)


Millie (this is Marley and Billie my dogs who have passed on)

I am desperately trying to find the perfect Taylor Swift name but I can't seem to find something I love 😆

Ok, Keep the dog names coming please!!! This is sooooo tough, its naming a living thing and you know how often you say your dogs name.. it has to be perfect!! 💗

XOXO Gossip Pup


  1. Really like Millie!

  2. I also love when kids choose a name too.

  3. Love Millie, Lady, and Birdie especially! So exciting!

  4. As I was reading this, I began to think about how similar it was to my story.
    A week or so after we lost our cat Buddy, we went to the humane society. We had no intention to adopt a pet that day, at least I didn’t.
    Even my husband said to me “I don’t know why we’re here but I felt we should be?” The universe, ya’ll. Anyhow, a little guy on the very bottom to the right called our name and we all decided he needed to be ours and that Buddy led us there that day. So, I’m reading this and thinking of our experience and then I look up and notice our guy, 8 years later looking up at me as I read this and then I continue reading. And I see our guys name on your list! We named him Sunny! We chose this because he was bringing ‘sunshine’ back into our lives. Anyhow, thought that was a WILD synchronicity. I’m excited for you guys!!! Other than Sunny, I also love Millie!

  5. Birdie was on our list when we got our pup. I do like Sunny though and think it's sweet that the kids came up with it.

  6. Keep in mind that naming a pet with a one syllable is easier to train them