Saturday, 21 January 2023

2023, Marley & Me, a Breast Biopsy, an Ulcer & Covid

 Happy 5 on Friday!! 

I don't even know where to begin with this one 😆

1. This week I ended up back at the hospital. 

I really did not want to spend any more time at doctors/hospitals but after speaking with the receptionist on the phone she said my Doctor would like to see me in person. 

I haven't fully summed up my journey but basically in August I developed a rash on my breast, it went through some changes and I went to have a biopsy in December. 

I had no reason to believe that anything was up with my biopsy spot, I just assumed all biopsy incisions are that large.. I started to get worried about it not healing properly but honestly I was scared to go back to the doctors. 

I have felt a little insecure that everyone is thinking I overreacted about my original breast rash so with this one, I seemed to do the opposite.. its ok, its ok.. I won't bother the doctors with this. 

But it wasn't ok.

I seem to have a rare reaction to a biopsy. I have developed a skin ulcer, it is the worst. 

That is all. 

2. As if that wasn't enough medical news for one blog post, I did end up with C.ovid last week and it was not pleasant but I am so thankful it was less eventful than the first time I had it. 

3. Our Sweet Marley passed away 2 weeks ago and even though she was a 14 year old Golden Retriever and she really did have a wonderful life, we are all struggling to move on without her. The house seems so still and there's not as much love in the air, it just doesn't feel as home-y. 

I was cuddling with our cat Annie on the couch the other day and I caught myself after I said it: 

"Ok, Mar hop up. I have to go tidy the kitchen" 😔

Marley and I were the biggest couch cuddlers. Annie has really leaned into us as she's missing Marleys presence as much as the rest of us and every time I look I find her cuddling with Elliott (mostly but I've also seen Noelle and Nilah which was unheard of before!). 

4. Some shows you should check out this week: 

That 90's Show - Netflix

Ok, what do you think about this one?!?!?! 

I like it just fine but I feel like its too polished. The 90's were nitty gritty!! Give me something more! The fashion needs to be pumped up 1000% more than what it is. 

Derry Girls - Netflix

Derry Girls is hilarious and very, very gritty so check this one out! Also based in the '90s and I just love all the characters so much. They are so heartwarming, I feel like we all know one or have been one of them at some time or another. 

OH and Liam NEESON was in the first episode of season 3! hahah

Bake Squad - Netflix

The kids and I have started watching Bake Squad and its great! We can't get enough baking shows hahah the whole family loves them. 

And Ashley was on Cake Boss!! I immediately recognized her and googled it. 

5.  Nick gifted me the most beautiful early Valentines Day gift and I am so excited. 💘💗💖💕💝

Stay tuned for more basement reveals, coming soon!!!

Have a Great Weekend!!!!    

XOXO Gossip G

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  1. Ahhh! I love the sign he got you!!! My heart hurts for you over Marley…and I hope your rash situation gets figured out & gone for good! 💜 Francine