Tuesday, 4 April 2017


If you feel like I've dropped off the face of the earth..
I pretty much have! hehe

I have been back to severe morning sickness, so much so that I had to cancel my doctors appointment today! I just couldn't toss my cookies in that waiting room, so I've been rescheduled for next week.

I was going to take a nap this afternoon but after moping around all morning and feeling sorry for myself I pushed open the laptop and I'm making myself blog!
I have SO many blogs in mind, I want this motion sickness to bugger off so I can write!
(I could never (NEVER) be an astronaut!)

a couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending my good friend Kate's eyebrow microblading appointment! - and it did not disappoint!

If you're a nosy YouTube viewer like me, you may have heard of microblading and maybe watched some videos/read articles about the semi-permanent eyebrow "tattooing".
It is seriously all the rage and I've seen so many friends/influencers get theirs done.
I want my brows done so badly but I am a complete wuss so I was happy to attend and see the whole process in real life, before committing myself.

and really, truly there is not much to it!
I was shocked at how fast and painless it all seemed.
I'll break it down with photos below..

The before brow^
Kate went to see Breagh at the Interlude Spa (which is where Kate use to work!)
this was my first time at the Interlude and meeting Breagh but it was beyond comfortable and a totally casual vibe. (my kind of vibe.. the best for the anxious at heart. maybe that's because Kate and Breagh knew each other but I think Breagh would be easy to talk to regardless!)

The first maybe 45 minutes - 1 hour were spent mapping out the brows.
Breagh had this ruler style device and made sure all the angles lined up.
to be honest this part had me worrying..
I am like Kate, and let the professional's handle things whenever I get a procedure done..
I don't really bring a whole lot of expectations or guidelines..
like when I go to my hairdresser I say "here I am! what do you think we should do today?"
and let her pull the reigns..  
I've only had positive experiences, I can't think of many things I regret..
but brows are SO personal..
I hadn't looked Breagh up on Instagram yet so I was chewing my lip in anticipation..
some microblading can be so harsh, sharp looking, too runway..
If that's the look you want, great!
but I am a more natural brow girl.. I was worried they would be.. BAM BOLD.
*especially if you are going from a very fine or non existent brow.
but my worries were curbed almost immediately..
After they're marked a numbing cream is applied, you wait 20 minutes then she starts making brow like strokes and I was surprised at how fast everything took shape. once she started, the brows were almost immediately there!
the fine hair like cuts are made and filled with colour.
Breagh mixed it up to compliment Kate's shade/colouring but there are MANY colours to choose from, so its very customizable to your wants/needs.

I've heard that this tool is a multi needle device but to be honest it just looked like a small scalpel.
It scrapes just along the outer layers of skin, short hair like stokes where the colour pigment gets deposited.
Kate didn't even flinch..
I expected at least an initial wriggle but she was solid in her serenity.
I cropped a huge smile out of the photo above :) ^

She did have her sweet Westley to soothe her ^
I want to say about an hour went by and the brows were almost done!
the shaping was done, some additional colour gets rubbed into the brow and they're wiped clean.

Voila! ^

top before
bottom after ^

The after brows looked so. good.
these are brand new freshly bladed and they were barely red or irritated!
you won't be able to wear makeup for a week and you'll want to keep them covered with Vaseline especially during showers, you don't want to risk losing any of the pigment while they heal.

they will also need a touch up session 4-6 weeks later.
Once the healing is done the colour will adjust/fade so make sure you have a follow up appointment booked to keep everything on point.

then you're done with your brows for the next 1-3 years.
no more pencils, waxes, or filler.
just wake up and have beautiful brows!

As you can see Breagh did the perfect natural brow look, this is the exact brow look I would want for myself. I was so impressed! 3 hours total and Kate's brows were perfect.

I asked Breagh about wear, because microblading is fairly new I have seen tons of lovely brows but I wanted to know the aftermath...

- would I lose my own brow?
- would they look the same as before the blading?

She said they would look very simailr, over time our face shape changes so its very hard to predict exactly how your brows may look years from now but she said she's seen the fading and it looks good.. sort of like hair dye fading/grow out, your brows just slowly morph back to their beginning state. The ink is not inserted as deep as a tattoo ink so over time, skin renewal, cleansing, the colour pigment just fades away.

Prices vary from location to location but on the Interlude website it says $600 for the full brow.

You want to make sure you go to a safe and clean environment, I see on some buy and sells discount microblading etc. and like a tattoo, microblading is not something I would skimp on.
You should look into the place and person doing the procedure to make sure you two mesh well,
like I said, brows are personal!
go for a consult and really shop around, it is a hefty investment but the results can be amazing!
oh and make sure you ask if the prices quoted cover the follow up appointment as well, you want to be prepared and not get smacked by any additional cost.

I want mine done now more than ever!

I feel like if I had sweet eyebrows and a lash perm, I would wake up every morning feeling fine!
I just wish that I could have a hair stylist on hand to prep my mop and then life would really be grand.. but the brows are a start. ;)

Let me know if you had microblading done, what you thought of it, how bad really is the pain??!?


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