Thursday, 13 April 2017

Weight update, 31 weeks pregnant....

Hi all!!

I cannot believe we are at 31 weeks! thank you father time!
I had my doctors appointment this week.. it was suppose to be last but I was too sick so I had to reschedule. I felt much better this day so I was relieved!

I checked in and went to pee/weigh myself.
Did I happen to tell you guys how this doctors office works?
where you weigh yourself and you pee into a cup, write your name on it and pass it through a little hole in the wall. YUP! lol
it is so weird and I feel so strange peeing with the nurses and receptionists listening through the hole. (I took a mini video, I will upload it to YouTube ASAP and share on my social media so you can really get a feel LOL)

You know I've been struggling with weight gain this pregnancy and I will tell you, I made it a point to be more conscious in the food and exercise area.

Now I didn't go CRAY.. I've still been reckless but I cut out ALL drinks except tea and water.
water, water, water, water.
I honestly LOVE water and drink it excessively but for some reason when I'm pregnant I love all other drinks! ICE TEA with both pregnancies I could power gallons of ice tea daily! Its terrible!

So I cut out drinks and I tried to move more, not tons but more.
Instead of asking someone to hand me something, I would get up and retrieve it myself.
heck just refilling my water glass 10x a day keeps me busy.

Everything must have paid off because I actually lost 3 pounds this month!

WHATTTT??? shocker, I know!

So my 200 pound goal still stands!
I weighed in at 187.
whooooo hoooooo.

I have still been struggling hard with what to wear.
I am honestly in such a depression about it.
I've been searching high and low for affordable, stylish maternity wear and there is little to none available. heck, I would even fork over an OK amount if it was something I could get a lot of wear out of but there's almost nothing!
forking over a decent amount to me is the $50-100 per piece range.
I really can't go beyond that per article of clothing.. I mean its maternity wear!
I only have 8 weeks left to really get my monies worth.
so I've been feeling down and out about that.
I am determined that I will start my own Mat wear line and be the saving grace for women everywhere! lol
I have a vison in my mind of the cute pregnant women I want to be but at 187 pounds there's nothing!
The maternity focused stores I swear, are catering to 50 year old pregnant ladies.. I just don't get it.

In other news I did buy this dress ^
but then I returned it!
It is super cute, I love the colour, style, everything but I had to buy it 3 sizes up to fit the belly because its non maternity.. and I just wasn't comfortable with how it made my arms and neck line look. It was way too big in those areas.
If you do love it you can find it here at Old Navy.
A big win this week was my first delivery info finally being sent to my new doctor, I requested that forever ago and she finally received it from Newfoundland.
Honestly I was very. very unhappy with my first delivery experience, I'm sure I've rambled about it enough for everyone and their dog to know! but to finally read exactly what went down was nice.
I'm a pretty easy going person and didn't have a birth plan or anything in place but I would've liked to know exactly what was happening with my own body! sheesh
turns out Newfoundland really didn't tell us anything!
My new doctor read the report to me and I was like "oh wow"
some of the things I had no idea about:
Elliott's heart rate was erratic the entire time and they kept it monitored.
I came down with a fever and they gave me some antibiotics.
During delivery Elliott's head was tilted, not straight in the birth canal so that's why I couldn't get him out, his heart rate then dropped WAY too low and that's when they used the forceps but couldn't get him.
so they used the vacuum and that straightened his head and then they were able to grab him with the forceps.  
I mean it was all SUPER crazy during so I get they couldn't give us the play by play but we kept asking what was happening and the staff totally ignored and whispered between themselves.
I feel so much more comfortable with my current doctor and... she did give me a C-section date - YAY!! we spoke about it more and decided that was what is best for this situation and I couldn't be happier! She will be the one preforming it and I am so pleased!
so that's it for now!
I am still obsessed with the current style/look going on this season!
florals and hippy wear, I'll call it.
love, love, love!

I did pick up this cardi/kimono style top at Winners $29.99
I thought it would be nice and comfy for hospital/postpartum, it is basically a housecoat!

I would own 1000 more of these if I could but jeesh even spending $29.99 kills me these days!
am I becoming the cheapest person ever?!?!? lolol

If its a piece I LOVE I will shell out the cash but for a casual kimono I am hard pressed to pay $29!
I always think about how much the t-shirt underneath will cost, then the pants, and the shoes...
now my one stay at home outfit is at a $200 cost!
And I need at least 7 of them to get me through the week... and that's IF no babies/toddlers puke on them then I'd have to change! Bahahahah
I'm spending too much time in the thrift stores I think.. $9.99 is the highest price tag I like to see ;)

OK wrapping it up!


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