Tuesday, 11 April 2017

CND vinylux shellac nails...

I remember being SO excited when CND came out with their first non UV light 'shellac' style polish.

We were still living in Newfoundland so I searched the internet far and wide until I could get some shipped to me. It wasn't cheap and I waited impatiently..
finally they arrived, I used 'em and...................... "meh".

I was pretty let down..
I had expected big things.

a nice solid, streak free application.
long lasting, chip free, easy maintenance.

sadly they were almost none of the above^
they were "meh" at best.. I liked the colour variety but they didn't apply nicely, were streaky, non opaque and didn't seem to hold a lasting stay any longer than your average polish and top coat.

 that had to have been 3-4 years ago.
recently while doing my Shoppers Drug Mart rounds I noticed Vinylux had made a come back and was being peddled on all the end caps.
Of course I got sucked into the gorgeous spring shades and before I could say shellac I had popped one in my basket.

again it wasn't cheap...
I questioned my sanity spending that much on a nail polish but I HAD to know if the formula had improved over the last few years.
I couldn't find the price online and of course amazon, etc. prices vary but I know I spent between $13-15 dollars on this one polish. I remember it being a hit to the wallet.
The shade I picked was Cake POP #135
and honestly I'm not sure how to describe it!
It keeps changing in every light, sometimes its pink, purple or grey.
to me it is still a very pretty neutrally shade, just enough.
I painted my nails and was pleasantly surprised, the colour went on well and opaque.
I HAD to finish with my seche vite top coat, I had to, I just HAD to.
ever since I started top coating, I will never ever go back.
Seche vite use to be the BOMB top coat about 3-4-5 years ago, everyone and their mother was talking about it. Its lost a bit of its drive with all the great top coats coming out but its still a classic favorite of mine.
I've purchased it from Nail Polish Canada but I've also found it at Winners for $7.99 and picked up two or three bottles...

Results! ^
so this photo is exactly after one week of wear!
not bad eh?!!
I was impressed!
I was really pleased with the wear and minor chipping.
currently I am at home with Elliott most days so I'm not a great example of wear if you work with your hands or are typing 24-7 but I do wash my hands compulsively!
pregnant and a 2 year old, I wash my hands every 5 minutes I swear!
so the final word is.. it was good.
I really liked the shade selection and the wear was good.
it wasn't mind blowing.. but it was very good.
would I go out and purchase more...?
maybe if I saw a HAD TO HAVE colour.
but honestly all labels seem to have Amazing colour range lately!
so I don't regret the purchase but it will take another 'sucker me in' shade for me to shell out the extra few dollars on Vinylux.
I'm telling you a top coat over any polish will extend your nail life, 2-3 days easy.

just out of curiosity, I grabbed one of the shades I purchased a few years ago and yuck.
I was still annoyed by it!
It clung to my cuticles, looked streaky and just didn't please me.


I LOVE this shade in theory and from a distance it looked ok but it didn't wear as well as my new Vinylux purchase and I removed it after a couple of days.

the other shades I purchased years ago are all over the map, some dark/vampy and some pink or coral but like this Romantique shade they just don't sit well.

I received SO many comments from people about the Vinylux and the results really seemed 50/50!
I think people are expecting a miracle polish since that's the impression they seem to be sending but its no miracle. good, pretty good, great maybe, but in a world of great polish its middle of the road- fo sho. If there's a colour you love - go for it!
but you may find a similar shade from Essie, Revlon, OPI for a couple bucks cheaper.

just FYI: I cheat on every polish I own! there is not a single brand or label I would say is my ride or die.. I'm still searching for the HOLY GRAIL of polishes!
I've tried everything from high end to dollar store and with the exception of some dollar store shades staining, I have to say I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite!
are all polishes made equal?!

I'm dying to try a Chanel or Burberry but I can't commit that kinda cash yet.
Maybe during the Sephora Spring VIB sale...

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