Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Maternity fashion, I have nothing to wear... but lipstick!

So as I am approaching 16 weeks pregnant (baby #2) I have very quickly run out of regular clothing options...

UGH so annoying.
I have a vision in my mind of what I want to look like but sadly there's very little maternity fashion options around and even less of a reasonable price tag!

I have a sort of boho, easy wear style which is hard enough to style on a good day let alone when my belly is bulging, so I've been trying to think outside the box and pick up very few pieces that will stand the test of time - pregnant time and after!
lets face it the holiday season is not friendly on the purse strings, yet you want to be glam this time of year! struggles.

the dedicated maternity stores around can sometimes (a lot in my opinion but prove me wrong!) lean towards a more mature pregnancy.. I'm 30 and I want to look 25 so help a girl out with more stylish options!

Luckily there is stores like gap, H&M and Old Navy that seem to have some tiny maternity sections in store but in my experience they have been so cluttered with all mix and match sizes, options.
hit or miss!

as discouraging as it is..
I got desperate today and splurged a little..
see what I got below!
and send me in the direction of some hip, moderately priced mat wear! :)


^ the most recent photo of me taken at 14 weeks.
this is an old sweater from target I spied it in the back of my closet and was reminded of the zippers on the bottom (see the V's with a grey tee underneath) so its accommodating for an expanding mid section but not maternity.
If you've been wondering what shade of red I've been obsessed with rocking lately, its the Kate Moss for Rimmel long wearing lipstick! an oldie but a goodie
I can't be certain that they have the exact same shade still available but it looks like they might..

^ lipstick in natural light!

first things first.. I'm the realest.

when in doubt, wear dresses!
110% dresses will make your pregnant life easier!
went pregnant with Elliott I was due a month later than with this baby and my belly didn't pop until much later in pregnancy equaling a spring/summer FULL of maxi dresses and it was the best.

they are normally quite affordable, you can find them to fit in the non maternity section if they're flowy enough and one and done!!

this time its the dead of winter so I knew pregnancy tights would be my best friend!
I had seen them at H&M so I grabbed one pair (haven't tried on yet, keep you posted!)

they weren't cheap!
I was hoping for a $9.99 price point so I could stock up but at $17.99 one would due for now.
the mat section at H&M was a mess and unfortunately I didn't find anything that wowed me. so I moved onto Old Navy..

I saw this knit cardi and HAD to have it because the colour red was just so good!
sadly online I only see it in navy and beige! what!!
its a non maternity item but seeing as its open front it better grow with me ;)
same deal with the dress, non Maternity but these flowy tee dresses are a must have for me, pregnant or not! you have to be careful because they can be boxy looking but paired with a belt, cardi or jacket. its like wearing pyjamas - so comfy!

the one maternity piece I picked up was a royal blue sweater and I just couldn't draw my eyes away from the colour! when your main pant colour is black.. its always nice to brighted around your face.
can also see this with lots of bling accessories for the holidays!
again couldn't find the blue online...
similar in pink!

the one thing I will say is that sadly I feel like Old Navy is caving to the fashion sizing of many stores.. I always found Old Navy to be a wonderful example of "real" women, they have sizes xs-xxl and the large always felt like a large not a small labeled poorly..

maybe I am wrong and its just my current weird body proportions that have skewed my perception but the size large felt smaller to me.. I tried a lot on, a lot of dresses for example and the larges looked teeny tiny for an over sized swing dress style.
maybe just me.. ?
has anyone else noticed?


  1. I love your honest pregnancy posts - I am on #2 as well and I can't believe how fast I was out of my normal clothes! My first pregnancy I wore my regular clothes until my last month so I cried when I was pushing out of them at 3 months! I'm 30 too and think maternity clothes are so old, which makes no sense, since we have to be the average pregnancy age?! Anyways - I loved your last post too and every pregnancy is different!

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