Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Cookies, beauty and ultrasounds...

OK its the final stretch friends!!!

5 days until Christmas and Elliott's gift was JUST delivered today! phew!
we decided to go for one big gift this year and that's about it.
Its a train table that hopefully will be of interest for years to come because it was not cheap but we did catch a sale ;) I will post photos after Christmas when assembled!

I found an EASY PEASY delicious cookie recipe that I will be remaking/baking for the big man December 24th! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

seriously go make them! so simple and so satisfying!
If you haven't noticed I've been on a makeup no buy!
hence the lack of beauty around here..
out of desperation I was about to purchase a new foundation because all of mine seemed to be too dark for my current pale skin tone.
but I did a little digging and found a few I'm going to empty out before I bring in more.
you have no idea how satisfying this no buy has been!
I have a nasty clutter of half used things in my makeup/bathroom stash and to finally be seeing the empties pile up has just made my heart feel good!
I don't know if its age or having kids or what! but over the last few years I've starting feeling this tremendous guilt over the amount of things I own. I have so much when parts of the world have so little, and replacing perfectly usable things with another usable thing just seems so pointless and frankly overwhelming!
I mean, I'm not totally cured.. the lipstick situation is not under control.. but baby steps!
I think I will pick up this book after Christmas, its got a hyped following:
The life changing magic of tidying up - decluttering and organizing.
I'm feeling 2017 is the year!!
or maybe its the nesting (lol pregnancy shout out)
either way here's my hoard!
I've been sticking to the MAC for events
and the water blend for days at home.
the l'oreal is terrible for my skin and going to have to find a new owner

FYI: read small print!!!

picked up this mascara pack for my sisters birthday and it also comes with a full size mascara coupon!!! WIN WIN
I could not find this product available on but there was still 3 available at Micmac Mall Sephora as of a week ago....
3 still available after I may have purchased some for stocking stuffers ;)
they're hidden by the cash in the quick grab isle!
AND we are really considering going to UC baby again!
we went for Elliott because Newfoundland does not tell you the gender of your baby (2014 they didn't anyway) and I could not live not knowing.
my pregnancies are so nasty I needed some form of pick me up!
Nova Scotia will tell you but my first ultrasound isn't until January 31st.. and then I would have to wait for my doctor to reveal the gender so we are talking February before knowing.. that seems like a lifetime away.
I cannot believe my first ultrasound isn't until January
I haven't heard a heart beat or anything!
they really just let you go through the whole pregnancy with the if there's nothing immediately wrong, there's no need to worry vibes... 
if this was my first baby I would be purchasing my own Doppler because it worries a girl to death!
but luckily with this being my second pregnancy Elliott has me too distracted on a daily basis to let too much worry sink in and I've been much more aware of this baby's movements!
I remember feeling Elliott move for the first time at about 16 weeks and it was minor butterfly like swirls that I guessed was him.
this baby I swear I felt SO early! probably 12 weeks starting and its only gotten stronger and more like a swooshing baby movement feeling and we're only at 15 weeks!!
so we're thinking UC baby in mid January and right now it looks like a sale!!
so booking that immediately!

How are your holidays going??!?!
Are you ready?!?!?!

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