Friday, 22 January 2016

And we gonna party like its 19.. hold up it is

If you don't get that title..
I say that line at least twice a week

the 1990's, was there ever a better era??
not in my lifetime.
the 90's were full of bomb Saturday morning cartoons, the most delicious sugary snacks and the birth of my most adored boy bands.

another staple of the 90's - style
I love 90's style! luckily A LOT of trends are making a second appearance in 2015/16
also luckily for me, hoarding things is still in, so I have most of my original 90's pieces

what's back in a big way, the brown lipstick!
As soon as I saw Too Faced melted chocolate I had to have it.

funny fact: I hated the too faced liquid lipsticks for a long, long time
then I tried them again and I loved, loved, loved them.
its a long story I will save for a future post

I picked up the shade chocolate cherries and its so beautiful, the kind of colour that will flatter any skin type but there is no way to make it non bold.
Its a brown, brown lip so you have to wear it with confidence.

I lined my lips with a nude pencil before applying the lipstick.
one of my only complaints about the melted line is that the applicator can be a bit of a pain
its fine for the very first application but after the sponge gets coated it can be really hard to get a crisp lip (which you want, especially for a colour as dark as this)

even with the lip liner I still like to go back over with a bit of foundation on a pointed brush around the edges to make sure they're really clean.

all in all
not a lipstick I will be wearing on the daily due to maintenance
(lipstick teeth can be real with this one)
but 100% on board for the brown lipstick train to stick around!

Just looking at these photos makes me want to hit up a club with my girlfriends in sky high heels.
(then I remember I'm old and would much prefer to stay home and watch Netflix in my pajamas..
but the fantasy is fun)

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  1. There are some things I'm scared about with the 90's trends making a resurgence, but it reminds me of childhood so there is a nostalgic charm about it!
    I love the look of the Too Faced lipstick on you!

    Lindsey Elyse | lindseyginge

  2. I have done the 90s before and really don't want to do them again! That being said I love how Chocolate Cherries looks on you! I chickened out and picked up Chocolate Milkshake and love it!