Monday, 25 January 2016


I was a Julep Maven member for a couple of years, aka I received a monthly beauty box from Julep which mainly consisted of nail polish.

Julep does have an assortment of other beauty products (my current FAVORITE eye liner I got in a maven box!) but I was getting Ipsy and topbox at the time so I welcomed the all polish boxes. I was paying over $25 a month.. maybe close to $30 for box of 3 nail polish but I have to say the Maven box was one of my favorite subscription boxes ever.

Lets face it, beauty subs can be so hit or miss.
the thrill is always there but you knowwwwww I have about 2 drawers and one box in the closet with a ton of beauty stuff that's only be swatched or once worn. (don't worry I am doing a purge!)

So, point being I really liked being a Julep Maven! It gave my polish collection a big boost and because I'm not picky with my polish colour I loved everything I got. The only reason I discontinued my membership was because after a couple of years I felt like I had every colour and I wanted to use some of what I own before it kept growing.

One of my very, very, very favs of the bunch is a little pretty by the name of Carla.
I am always in search of the its 'so faint its almost white' pink nail polish and I've never been able to find it. Carla isn't quite white enough but its just such a dang good coverage polish!

I think it's a gorgeous shade all year round but with the love holiday upon us I rounded up my favorite red/pink and they all happen to be Julep!

Carla - Tea rose crème

Hartleigh - Holographic heart glitter top coat

Lee - Spitfire red crème

I am not a nail connoisseur by any means
I could really, really use a professional mani but look at that colour! ^
That's with 3 coats but all you really need is 2, I am just ocd.

I think Hartleigh overtop of Carla, as a full set or an accent nail would be adorable!

Spread love my friends!


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  1. love it! my go-to pink of that "almost white but pale baby ballerina pink" color is Nails Inc The New Whites Lilly Road