Sunday, 23 July 2023

Sunday Supper: What to eat this week?




I wish I had better news for you but unfortunately this has been another unbelievable week!

My heart goes out to everyone affected by the flash floods in Nova Scotia. I don't have the words to describe how upsetting its been to go through so much these last few years. I am just going to forge ahead with some foodie info in this blog post because its all I can do to not cry & I need to do something to keep my mind at ease. 

I wish I could say I have some good meals for you but this has been a busy week!! Last weekend was Elliotts birthday party, then we attended a friends 40th wedding anniversary party and we jumped into the older kids going to day camp this week so I've been kind of all over the place and not very on the ball for meals. 

Although, I feel like I did what I could and I was sending some food to a neighbour so I managed to snap some photos of those paper plates heading out the door & Scroll to the bottom if you want those yummy waffles seen above recipe!

Taco night is always a hit in our house! Everyone loves it and we do a DIY table so you can customize your own. 

I make the typical kit and some of the toppings are: cheese, lettuce, salsa, avocado, hot sauce, balsamic vinaigrette glaze. 

But my real tip for this one is to have some Tostitos on the table as well so you can either build a kind of undone nacho pile on your plate or you can use them to pick up all the crumbs that fall from your taco and eat that extra 'waste'. You could totally use a fork but the Tostitos are a nice filler and doesn't dirty any extra silverware!

A little chicken I breaded with panko and some roasted sweet potatoes. 
This doesn't look pretty but its a really great tasting meal! I use mayo to coat the boneless skinless chicken breast and then I coat with panko and any seasoning I have on hand (maybe some Epicure SPG or just some sort of Italian seasoning works!) 

And I am SUCH a lover of round cut potatoes..only me?! Is this a thing? an East Coast thing? a Cape Breton thing?

We roasted a turkey this week! Its my favourite food that stretches into many meals so we went ahead and had the full turkey supper day 1. Today we had sandwiches and tomorrow I'm making soup!!



We were suppose to have our book club meeting this week and we have not had a meeting in a long time due to the wildfires and rain and now flooding.. unfortunately we had to cancel again. Hopefully we will get back to it soon!! but for now I will leave you with the name of our baker - Little Bee's Bakery - find her on FB or Insta!

We have ordered a cake from her for Elliotts birthday, I've picked things up at her booth at the Sackville Farmers Market and I was able to snag all these goodies that should have been going to book club with me but are now in my belly/and or freezer.

We had some super yummy treats at an event hosted by PHITCetera 

We did a little litter clean up around the neighbourhood and then enjoyed some snacks and chats with a local group of bloggers/creators. It was such a fun night and I cannot wait to share more with you about PHITCetera. Its a small shop in Larry Uteck with the most beautiful sustainable fashion. 

Oh, I picked up this hydration powder on Prime day, its a collaboration between Alicia McCarvell and Cira. Click link below. 

So far I love it. and I chatted with my friend Suzi (Suzi Fevens!) who also tried it and loves it. So I feel good about it, Suzi is my helper in so many things body and wellness so I trust when she says its good 😍

We enjoyed these waffles tonight, we love breakfast for dinner! 
I usually double or triple the recipe so we can refrigerate/and or freeze some.
The kids always love helping make this recipe as well so its a win/win!

Please give me some dinner inspo because I am hitting a wall with summer meals.
I'm so tired of the humidity, hoping for some more enjoyable outdoor weather this week 💗

This is my waffle iron, only $35 and its great! I've been using it for 3 years now :)

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