Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Helping learn to crawl: Little Tikes My First Seat

This post is in partnership with Little Tikes.

Is it weird how I just said a seat (stationary) can help a baby learn to crawl (on the move)?
A little bit, but sometimes it takes something steady to get them rocking and rolling.

Little tikes my first seat, teaching baby to crawl

But first, can I touch on how many classic childhood memories Little Tikes is responsible for in my life...

The Cozy Coupe
The Toddler swing
The TotSports Basketball hoop

If you had a cozy coupe you were so lucky! We never owned one ourselves but every time I went to a friends house who had one I was always the driver.

Little tikes my first seat, teaching baby to crawl

A couple of months ago Little Tikes sent Noelle their newest floor seat which couldn't have come at a better time since she was just starting solids but she wasn't completely steady on her bum enough to trust her sitting while eating.

She's a little bit smaller than her brother was at this age so the seat has been helpful to sit in at feedings but it's also been helpful as an anchor for her to hold onto while she sits on the floor next to it.

Little tikes my first seat, teaching baby to crawl

The chair is super lightweight so I move it easily to wherever I am in the house but for her its sturdy (high back, large base) enough to hold onto while sitting, crawling, building her core strength.

Little tikes my first seat, teaching baby to crawl

Little tikes my first seat, teaching baby to crawl

Little by little, she's gained independence from needing me to hold her up and then getting up on her hands and knees all by herself. First, she was belly surfing across the kitchen and now she is straight crawling like she never wobbled in the first place!

Little tikes my first seat, teaching baby to crawl

At this rate, she will be walking by her first birthday! (see photos below)

Which sounds crazy to me, considering Elliott wouldn't walk until he was 19 months old, yup that's 19 months! He was (and is) the most stubborn, hard-headed, determined (whether it be good or bad) kid ever. hmmm sounds like someone I know (lol see today's insta story).

I just can't believe my little baby is 9 months old already, shes really starting to bloom into her personality and laugh, cry, play while being really engaged and almost communicating with you.

She uses her sad face whenever she's unhappy and she uses her blinks to try and be funny (and it is super funny!).

If you want to check out the Little Tikes My First Seat it is available at Walmart $59.97 here and comes in grey, pink, blue, turquoise, plus tray option available.

And I'm going to ask the dreaded question:
When did your kids walk?!

I don't personally dread this question, but I do feel parents use it as a competitive conversation starter!

Everyone was freaking out about Elliott not walking but I knew in my heart of hearts that he was just. that. stubborn.

I knew it.
So maybe my question should be broadened to did your 2nd child walk faster? (copycatting)
or did your girls walk faster than boys, vice versa?
I know there's zero patterns to be found because every child is so unique but I still find it interesting!

Let me know and let me know if you had the little red and yellow cozy coupe or if you had to steal it from the neighbours like I did! (hehe)

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  1. Baby #2 was a faster walker - Damian was around a year old and Elliott took his first steps around 9 months. It is competitive with some people; but, I felt by #2 I was the opposite - you want them to move later to save some of your freedom!