Friday, 22 April 2022

Five On Friday!

 I have been blogging everyday in my brain for months and months now, but it never makes it online! Gah so frustrating to have all the ideas and plans but never have the time and be organized enough to execute. 

Even this petty little blog entry that I am not going to properly edit probably took me 2-3 hours because "working" with the kids around me is impossible, especially with Nilah who is my little sidekick and "talks" to me legit 24.7 :)

I told Nick yesterday if our Nilah-Baby doesn't have ADHD I will be shocked, floored, gob smacked! haha 

She does not speak many words yet but she acts out what she wants to say and she's incredibly aggressive about having you listen to her but the thing is, it never turns off. She needs my attention, needs to "tell" me and show me things or hold my hand or pass me something on even a 5 minute car ride. When the other kids would just look out the window or pull off their socks or whatever kiddos do while in the car and being quiet, Nilah does not have this down time vibe and she is showing me the water and the construction and, and, and, and Lolololl She's a little firecracker. 

Then by the evenings I'm too fried to think, can't see well because astigmatism, words don't string together, plus I have all these big plans of watermarking my photos, promoting them on Pinterest, SEO, blah de blah.. all too overwhelming..  so I just don't do anything, & that seems like the better solution in my ADHD brain lolol

But a few friends of mine from the old Canadian Beauty Bloggers Network do this little round up of 5 on Friday and they drop 5 details from their week etc. It's such a nice way to hear what they have been up to in a quick, digestible way and if I could just get into the habit of it I know I would be thrilled to have all those posts to look back on down the road from now. 

See Renees Blog here See The World in Pink Link

Easier said than done since I've been trying for 3 months to get it together. 

SO here we go today!!!

This will probably be more than 5 since I have so much bubbling out of me right now and its been sooo long!! Miss you bloggy and miss you readers!!

1. Easter!!!!

It was Easter Weekend last week and Nick was working half the weekend so we moved the Bunny and the turkey to an earlier date which worked out wonderfully because it was a beautiful sunny day and we got some gorgeous photos outside and had a fun Easter egg hunt. 

Their words not mine hah
They are at such an amazing age now for fun and games and excitement. 

They honestly have been so good lately and thoughtful towards each other and it was just so nice to be together with simple, easy activities, I didn't feel stressed about anything, whatever I had on hand I used - whether it was for decorating the table scape, our Easter outfits or the Easter egg fillings.

It was so nice and now I am kind of sad its all over!

It's also gotten easier since I've implemented the list system LOL 

On busy or crazy days it takes me about 20 mins to write out a list of everything that has to be done, then Nick and I tackle it, as individuals and scratch off what's done. 

We can both delegate tasks to the kids and no one is constantly asking me what to do next, where XYZ is, etc. 

Its a detailed list so it takes some time to jot it all down but it empties my brain from holding all the 

It's also helped to outsource some of the food for holidays. 
I love the tradition of making my Nanny's Stuffing and Butterscotch pies etc but having all the house things and food things and fashion things and game things and, and, and, on my list makes me crazy. 

So we've been splitting up the food, I will do the turkey, stuffing and small sides but my mom will do the potatoes and carrots and turnip and my sister will do dessert, something like that has taken a lot off my plate (literally) and made holidays more enjoyable, less cray cray.  

*I've been wanting to take better care of Noelles curls because she has such gorgeous hair!! I've been doing it and look how pretty! She's so lucky, I want to make sure she takes care of that gift!! I would love to have her curls, I hope she embraces them.

2. Been getting back out into the world and trying to see some local businesses!

The Press Play Cafe is amazing! So much fun for the kids, toys, games and the food is awesome.

Halisi Cafe is also bomb dot com! The food is incredible and fresh to order, would love to see these local businesses thrive.

3. So March was Mend IT March for me and I also wanted to write about all the things I saved, sewed or renewed but I didn't have time haha 

Some simple ideas are just to sew what you need to, glue what you've been meaning to, strip the dirt out of things like these floor steamer pads. 

I didn't have the exact stripping ingredients but I always improvise and I had oxy clean so I soaked them in the tub with the oxy and hot water for hours, stirring and scrubbing. 

Then I rinsed and used some stain removing sticks that I had on hand, I gave them a really good hand scrub and rinsed then I put them in the washing machine and looky look at how much better they are!

I don't want to buy new pads until we buy a new floor steamer so I wanted to give these babies a little love and now I feel like they're actually going to be cleaning again instead of just pushing nasty pads around all over the dirty floor - ick 

4. Nick surprised me with Stars on Ice tickets!!!!!!
I LOVE figure skating, I am obsessed. 
I've been wanting to see Stars on Ice and Disney on Ice for 1000 years so I am so excited and obviously went shopping because I need a new outfit in case I meet Elvis Stojko.

I didn't buy this blue jumpsuit but it is so nice! I love the look but I pee too much for a jump-suit hahaha

5. I took everyone to their Naturopath intolerance appointments and I've had everyones result appointment! So, I've basically lived at the Naturopath the last 3 months hah.

Do you want to know the results...??!?!

Nick, Elliott, Noelle, & Nilah are all THE EXACT SAME. 

They're all intolerant to Potatoes and Sugar. 

And then each with a side of something

Example, Nicks body needs more calcium, Elliott needs magnesium and Noelle needs Potassium. 

I will get more into these results in another blog post because its too much to unpack here but the good news is because they're all the same that makes my life so. much. easier. 

My intolerance came back as Dairy, Soy and Sugar so mine is quite a bit more complicated and honestly I am not surprised as I'm the sickest but knowing I can control what I cook and what I eat is such an easier task than telling a 2, 4 or 7 year old that they can no longer eat XYZ or they have to eat differently than their siblings. 

Its a bit unusual for them all to be the exact same and not have any mix of my intolerances or a different intolerance in there but honestly I am just so happy that we know what's what and that it feels so manageable and that hopefully none of the kiddos will ever feel as sick and awful as I do! Nick has intolerances but as of now it doesn't really affect his day to day so I would love if the kids had that same privilege yayayaya. 

And that's a wrap! 

I'll stop with that list for now but will be back soon with more, so much more to say.


We have a very full weekend so it will be Nice to recap at the end of next week. 

Nick already worked an OT shift yesterday so he's down to less time off and we have to be at a Dance competition for 7am this weekend which will put this night owl family to the test. 

I know the only way I will make it is to have EVERYTHING ready to go the night before, down to the tiniest of details so I have to hop to it!

Have a Great weekend and catch me up with your 5 on FRIDAY!

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  1. Holly!!!! Yay - Five on Fridays are such a great way to get back on the blogging train! Stars on Ice would be amazing - I grew up watching Elvis Stojko so that would be sooo cool!