Tuesday, 16 July 2019

What I bought on Amazon this month, July 2019...

Ok, I think this is going to be a regular series..

Things I bought on Amazon!

I happened to get A LOT this month.
I will try to do these more regularly and keep them smaller but for now, this is a pic and link dump.

This post contains affiliate links.

You've seen me wear and talk about everything on Insta-Stories so here are the links! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Kimono, you can wear daily or as a beach coverup/extra layer for those sunny vacays!
I ordered 2, turquoise and red, $24.99 each
see below >

This is my FAV! $23 >
Its a one size fits all and would truly fit a wide variety of shapes and sizes!

I wanted some inexpensive earrings and these are PERFECT for that!
4 pairs for $14

I was taking a picture of my eye makeup ^
Sometimes I find it helpful to take a photo so you get a real life impression of your makeup LOL
But this is perfect to show off the size of the earrings.

The Pedi perfect!
I had a few of you say $29 for this is a good price because they can run double that in stores!
I really like it, its a luxury item, I'm not using it daily but it does the job when I need it to.
I follow up with a foot mask immediately after.

This is the foot mask I love. $3.99 each

I've been testing razors and I've found a new favourite,
Currently on sale for $6.98!!! I ordered 3 more packs!

Two items I purchased last month but really love are the satin pillowcases and eye mask.
The eye mask is MY FAV and the pillowcases are great but the jury is still out on what they're doing for my hair.

I flip and flop around so much at night I don't stick to a single pillow and I'm not getting the full satin experience but I like it a lot none the less.

Pillowcase $9.49

EyeMask $11.99

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