Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Canada Day 150 nails + GIVEAWAY...

This post includes 2 of my favorite things..
Nope, scratch that 3 of my favorite things..

Nail polish, Canada and FREEBIES!

If you watch my Instagram stories you know the other day I picked up CND Vinylux in 'Cream Puff' and I was so excited to try it and not only try, but test out a Canada Day mani!!

I go full on for Holidays and I'm especially hyped up about this Canada Day with it being the big '150' and it will be the first holiday with 2 kids AND Elliott's just really into anything celebratory these days, so its going to be fun.

Luckily I partnered with Nail Polish Canada just in time to add a little maple leaf to my mani..
(For a funny story about how I first found out about Nail Polish Canada scroll to the end + a giveaway!)
^ This was just a quick test run to get a feel of how the Nail Vinyls would apply..
I'm going in for my C-section at the end of the week and I'm not allowed to wear polish! ugh.
so for Canada Day, I'm thinking a more elaborate mani with some accent nails and DEFINITELY a silver glitter!
I'm thinking I'll apply the glitter polish with a sponge like I did at Christmas, see glitter mani post.
and I will do a combination of the maple leaf decal AND you can use the empty space stickers (see above) as a stencil to paint in or glitter ;)
I also really like that there are a couple of sized Maple leaves, I didn't notice until I applied.. so you can match the size to your nail size.

So that's the C-day plan!
I have all my sparklers ^ ready to go!
I have a stash of sparklers and JUMBO sparklers.. they're just from the dollar store so you should grab some while you can!

since Nail Polish Canada is so great they're letting me give away vinyl's to the first 10 lucky Canadians to read this post!

Go to:
and use code:

for your own totally freebie Canada Day Vinyls!
If you're one of the lucky ones, you can tag me and Nail Polish Canada on Facebook or Ig so we can see what mani you come up with :)
I'm just really nosy as to peoples beauty creations, so give me a tag or inbox haha!

and being nosy is kind of how I found out about Nail Polish Canada in the first place!
Whenever I'm out and about I will compliment random people on their makeup, nails, fashion,  whatever.. I just think its nice, if you like something why wouldn't you tell the person. lol
So at least 5 or more years ago, I was shopping at Winners in Halifax and I went to try on some clothes in the fitting room, I noticed the lady working the fitting room had a really pretty coloured polish on so I told her I loved it and she replied:
"Thank you!!!! I actually got it off of Nail Polish Canada! Have you heard of it?! YOU HAVE TO CHECK THEM OUT, THEY HAVE SO MUCH POLISH"
This was before my blogging days and I hadn't heard of them so I vividly remember saying to myself over, and over, and over, Nail Polish Canada, Nail Polish Canada, Nail Polish Canada..
so I wouldn't forget the website. LOL
*Clearly this was before making a note or sending it as a text on your cell phone was a thought...
anywhoo, that's my Nail Polish Canada story..
Have you heard or ordered from them?!?
and what's your Canada Day plans??

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