Friday, 23 July 2021

How it started vs How it's going

I just came across these photos from our last day in Newfoundland, funny enough it was while looking for a photo of something else I had just started way back when (2015) but is something I am considering giving up now.. more on that in another blogpost!

 I thought you might like to see some throwbacks and talk about some fun facts from back in the day! 

We left Newfoundland in the fall of 2015, Elliott was our only child at that point and he was about a year, 3 months old. 

I believe our transfer conversations started with the RCMP in January of 2015, I think I can remember Nick getting his tonsils removed and being in a motel in Grand Falls -Windsor when Nick was on the phone with some staffing people and things sort of started to roll.

I was hesitant, I'm still hesitant... 
I did not want to move, still hold this as a point of resentment. 
I had the dream job as a P04 (postal clerk) at the tiniest post office two seconds away from our house, I had waited 5 years in Newfoundland for this job to become available and it was a miracle it opened up at all! Postal Workers wait 40 years for a position like this to arrive. 

Well, if you want to hear my. resentment story that's a tale for another time, let's get back to the photos!

We had the tiniest little house in NL. 
We were shocked at the housing prices when we moved to the Rock, fresh out of RCMP Depot, on a probation Mountie Pay, I was on a leave of absence from Canada Post.

We drove into town at 2 am, during Come Home week (the town was swamped with people!), with no where to live, no idea what we were doing - just livin' on love!

Again, the housing prices had just taken a leap. 
I had a mortgage on a house in Nova Scotia. (we were renting it out) 
and Nick was a brand new Mountie, in Community college/University before that and basically only having McDonalds as a work reference. 

We could not get a big mortgage, the houses were priced high!

We looked at a few places, there was a Mountie leaving - his house was available. 

But so many of the houses needed work and with no family, no friends yet, nothing - we needed a place that was A-OK or we were going to have to learn DIY real quick. 

That's when we stumbled upon this place.
It was tiny!!

2 bedroom, 1.5 bath and I feel like 1300 sq. feet? 

But it had been renovated, it was fresh and clean - it was just in our price range. 

I think we ended up paying something like $141,000??
I think it was listed for $145,000.

I'll have to ask Nick because maybe I'm crazy but that sounds right, give or take a smidge.

And this is where we made home for 5 years. 

Elliotts 1st bedroom.

Our primary bedroom

Our goodbye photos.

Our basement rec room/guest room/blog room/DIY room/ everything extra!



Our very last ride on Marine Atlantic. 
Oh I took that ferry back and fourth 100 times over 5 years, even got stuck at sea on a bumpy ride home after Christmas one year and I was alone! Nick was already back in NL for work. 

We moved home into our dream house!

This home wasn't the one we thought we would be getting, the homes we were looking at were brand new builds but they had been flooded right before we were going to move back to NS. 

I had been eyeing this home and brought it up to Nick, it was above our budget that we wanted to spend but it had so many little upgrades and a garage etc. It felt worth it to make the leap - plus I am stubborn and made sure we kept offering only what we could afford. I got us an extra $5000 savings in the long run! Doesn't seem like much but every little bit helps!

It is so crazy looking at these photos now!
We had no idea what our lives had in store for us.

Elliotts new room!

I recently came across my pro/con list for moving from this house (this spring we really considered moving due to the hot market and the School bus issue we were having), the pros for living here had over 86 items and the cons for living here had 3 points. 

3 points! isn't that crazy!
I really do feel like we've found our dream house/location and I think it was meant to be. 

I mean, what if those other houses didn't flood????!
What if the people who lived here before we did weren't already moved out and didn't accept my lower offer?? I think them being moved out already helped our offer get accepted plus we could move right in!! yayyyy meant to be or what??!?!

Crazy how much has changed but only 5-6 short years have passed!
What will the future hold for our little dream house?

And if you would like to hear more about our story, you should totally motivate me to write that book I've been putting off! hahaha 
Mountie Life - Our Experience

XOXO - chat soon!

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