Friday, 26 March 2021


Welcome back Spring and welcome back Trash Mondays!!

Monday is the day our neighbourhood puts out their garbage for waste collection and its the day I take a drive around for an hour/two and see what goodies I can pull out of peoples trash piles to save from the landfill.

It's incredibly addictive and thrilling.
It's shopping without the price tag!

Even if you save one item every other week, you could potentially be saving 10-25 items a year from the landfill, depending on how many months you do Trash Monday.. I usually start around March and go through October/November (December-February in Nova Scotia are too cold for me!).

In all honesty I have never NOT found something!
I usually find loads of things and have to tell myself "no".

This past Monday, the first #TM of the year, I found... DRUM ROLL PLZ......


I'm calling it a 'catch all' because its very petite an can be used in any room for so many different uses!

Now, I had been out trash diving for a while when I came across this and if I'm being honest.. I had a little help. 

Here's the thing about Trash Mondays: Many hands make light work.

Whenever you're out looking for good trash - tell people you're doing it!

Seriously, some of my most amazing finds come from people texting me saying 
"Hey, I saw a great.... on XYZ street..."

My mom, my sister, my cousin, we're all trash pickers and it was actually my sister who spotted this dresser and let me know about it. 

On this particular night I had already found a mint condition kids basketball net, some hockey sticks for road hockey, a baby gate for my moms dog, spotted loads and loads of items that I just had no need for, like toys, tv stands etc. 

But as soon as she texted me I swung back around and picked this gem up!

So, wanna see what I did to it?!?!?

First off I sanded it, just lightly, nothing crazy. 
Then I washed it with water and a smidge of TSP. 

You can buy TSP on Amazon here: affiliate link

TSP is a wash to prep for painting, it degreases and works so amazingly to prepare your item.

I have been using the TSP equivalent from Fusion Mineral Paint: 

It's an organic water based alternative and I really like it. I've use plenty of both kinds of TSP linked in this post.

Once the sanding and washing was done, I got down to painting and I used the Fusion Mineral paint in shade: 

It did turn out a little cooler toned than I had expected so I can see me changing the colour in the future but for now I LOVE this makeover. 

I picked up some knobs from Winners for the drawer pulls and I decided to put the dresser in our upstairs hallway for now.

The whole 6 pack of knobs only cost me $14.99!!!
I had the paint and brushes and TSP on hand.. 
So, in total this makeover only cost $14.99 plus tax 

Eventually I will use it as an entry way catch all console but for the time being we really needed something in the hallway to house all my cards, and shipping materials for my Scentsy and Etsy business.

Ahh, I love it so much!
What do you think?? 
Come along with me next Trash Monday and maybe try it out yourself on your local trash day?!

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