Thursday, 21 April 2016

Red lip, Classic.

My lips have bee SO dry.
actually my skin has been so dry!

is the gym doing this to me?
am I not drinking enough water?

anywhoo, I have been powering through lip masks and chap stick.
& I've finally been able to start wearing some brights again, it feels good!
I know a red lip is not for everyone but I really think it should be!
It took me a while but I am now 100% comfortable wearing it day or night.

Going out the other night I was debating on a purple lip (see Rebel) or a classic red (Ruby woo)

I remembered earlier in the week I found an old favorite

It's close to a perfect red!
Its sheer but SO buildable.

I lined my lips then pulled the liner colour down and did a light sweep over the entire lip to make sure my colour would last through drinks and a long night.
(which it did! faded, but no obvious "ewww where'd her lipstick go?!" moment)

So nice, I wore it twice!

^ Day time lunch date

^ Night out!

I would recommend Lady bug to one and all!
I still love Ruby woo, but because its a matte I find I can be a bit flaky after prolonged wear.
Plus the dry lips! Ughhh
moisturize me!

^ am I the only one who does this to check teeth vs lipstick?????? :)


  1. I love that red shade on you! I want to try red so badly but I am afraid I can't pull it off. Someone once told me that everyone can pull off red, they just have to find the right shade... I feel like I might be the one person that's not true for, lol. Come visit and pick out a red shade for me, k?

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