Thursday, 18 December 2014

Lets talk about the latest fashion & hair trend..

So I started a new trend and I really think it's going to take off! 
I mean it's a constant in my house.. 
Wait for it... 
Mind blown no?? 

Seriously this ^^ 
You can't tell I'm wearing Panama pants can you??
 (I can hear my sister groaning a whole province away..) 
For years I have been wearing pajama sets like this.. 

Cozy, comfy, love them.
 However now the day has come where I may not get out of my pjs let's say until well after 4pm... So I decided to simplify my pj life. Has it made my life easier, better and all around glorious, why yes it has. 

- Someone knocks on the door, delivery guy, paper girl, neighbour for tea. Come on in lady!! 
- Last minute panic because you didn't realize you're down to one drop of milk and desperately need that coffee that's already been brewed and smells like the heavenly scent of angels.
Throw on your cape coat, load the baby in the car and run out to the store!
 (Or if you're like me you would run to the Tim Hortons drive through and purchase a small carton of milk to get you through until husband gets home because loading and unloading a baby car seat from the back of a Honda Civic is the bane of your existence) 
Any who no one is any the wiser! 

Let's be real are black pajama pants really that much of a step down from black leggings which are my go to outfit of choice 6.5/7days a week?
 (No they're not so Jessica stop judging me) 

I mean we are talking the on occasion outside the house wear. It's not like I'm waking up in the morning and changing from one black pj pant to a fresh pair (except for yesterday, I did that yesterday but seriously on occasion!)

My FAVORITE black pj pants are from Target, by Gilligan and O'Malley.. 

^^^ Genie and legging style are my jam! 

So next things next you're running out of the house in your pjs you definitely didn't have time to glam your hair and makeup. 
My fake it until you make it go to hair is a braided bun.
 Hop out of the shower brush, braid and bun it.
You look like you could attend a job interview your hair is so on point. I honestly wore my hair like this for probably the first 4 weeks after Elliott was born...  

^^^ Braid bun and done!
Plus your second day hair will be beautiful cascading braid waves (people will think you're oh so glamorous). 

^ yesterday's pj errand - today braid bun aftermath 

Those are today's baby life hacks.
With or without baby whatever makes my life easier I'm down - enjoy! 

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