About Me

Just your average Nova Scotian girl blogging in a Central Newfoundland world!
Canadian, wife, mother (1 human child, 1 golden retriever and three, yes.. three cats).
I am a postal worker, girl guide leader, television addict, book collector and lover of all things beauty, fashion & home décor related.
I am a non expert. I am a non writer. If you enjoy grammar and punctuation this is not the place for you. However if you are a lover of life & lifestyle blogs read on my friend!

From time to time persons or companies may request I do product review via a sponsored post.
When this is the case I will give an honest review first and foremost.
Positive outlooks are my forte in life but I will always be honest and voice my own opinion.

If you are interested in advertising, collaboration, product feature or just chatting/being friends I enjoy hearing from readers so please send all emails to:
I will try to reply in a timely fashion.

All photos are property of the Holly Housewife Life blog and may not be used without permission.
All content is strictly copyright and may only be repurposed/republished with my consent.


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