Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Halifax Wedding Series: Theme & Timeline

2018 has been the busiest year of my life; sounds funny because I was married in 2013, kids were born in 2014 and 2017, so 2018 shouldn't be a huge D.

But my own wedding, it was carefree! And newborns, they're easy!
I was on mat leave until 2018 and 2018 is the year my sister decided to get married.. in a 5 month timeframe. 5 months: decides to get married - gets married.

The kids had 1st and 4th birthdays which lead up to the bridal shower, bachelorette and wedding, every month was a whirlwind.

Now here we are, 4 days after its all done and I'm still reeling.
So, bear with me because this is all unedited (minus the gorgeous photos from

I wanted to get something up on the blog, for you all and for me, especially for me.
I feel like I am bursting at the seams with things to say but (despite spending 1000000 hours a day on insta stories..) I never seem to have the time to settle, create and story tell.

Which makes me so sad because when I look back on the last 4 years, almost everything is documented on the blog.

Day to day, special events, food, crafts, everything!
This was such a special (or stressful.. potatoe, potatoe) day for our family and I want to get something on record.

So here we go...

Let's start with the wedding theme and what the day looked like.
There is no way I will be able to touch on the venue, fashion, beauty, DJ, food, etc.etc in one go, so stay tuned for the series!

We were up by 8am, my aunt and uncle who were staying with us did a big breakfast (that I cannot eat because my nerves don't allow for it, hence the hangry lady later in the day...)

But the kids had a wonderful, peaceful morning and then hit the sheets for nap time.

I ran to the venue Bedford Basin Farmers Market to help set up.
At the last minute the room was rented out the Friday night before the wedding, so we only had this one shot to decorate (stay tuned for more in the venue section of the series).

My sister had a very romantic, glam but earthy theme on the brain and I feel like it all pulled together beautifully!

I'm not going to lie, I was skeptical... LOL
But the venue speaks for itself and there wasn't a need to 'over do' it.
The green was a perfect accect and there was gold everywhere to give off enough 'bling'.

The vintage mirrors were found on a buy and sell and she had the sticky vinyl letters cut to fit (they're removable and did remove quite easy, without residue).

I will ask her who cut them but I know she found the lady on Fb, so search the HRM wedding group for quick answers.

Everything looked great and there was really not much else to be done so I hit the road and went 5 minutes away to the Bedford Comfort Inn.

They had a really nice sized room, where the hair Karly Hodder Hair and makeup Esthetics by Amaya were already setting up (more on beauty later in the series!)

I quickly got my hair and makeup done, then I ran my butt back home to make sure the kids would be ready. Nick had the info and most of the pieces in place but details like Noelle's tights almost got left behind! hahaha

So now comes the answer to the question you've all been asking, did Noelle walk down the aisle??!?

No she did not.
But I think she could have!

What ended up happening was, I waited at the back with the kids while Nick and all my family took their seats at the front. This was a last minute scatter as everyone panicked that my sister was ready to make her entrance.

I was in a gown that did not allow for me to bend and lean in a capacity that would be needed to coax Noelle down the aisle.

She was a little nervous with all the people around and I could tell she was going to cry once I put her down to walk. Alas, I tried and she sat her bum onto the floor like a rag doll, crying, she shot her arms into the air wanting me to pick her up.

I knew it was game over without someone there to help me and I didn't want to be a sweaty, stressed mess, so I sent Elliott on his merry way and I was left with dilemma #2.


I wore wedges for optimal walking but I didn't think I would be stranded with Noelle in my arms at the back of a wedding aisle, every eye watching, waiting, expecting me to walk gracefully with 15 month old in tow.

So, I did what any anxiety filled human would do.
I seated myself right there in the very back row, safely and swiftly.

Halfway through the ceremony, I realized I gave my phone and purse to Nick!
I had no way to take photos, videos, nothing!
I had zero view of Elliott from where I was sitting, I'm a little sad about it but everyone says he did great and he looks adorable in the photos.

Next we headed outside for some family photos.
We ended up behind the Irving, right there off the highway!

There was a nice grassy patch, with tree backgrounds or a view of the water.
It was the perfect spot to get everyone involved quick and painlessly.

Did I mention that this wedding was a childfree event?
The venue only holds a small crowd of 100, so Elliott and Noelle were the only children in attendance and we decided to send them home after the ceremony/quick snack.

Thank you to my BFF Angela who was on standby, picked them up and had a fabulous sleepover!

Alright, we're going to wrap things up here and save the supper talk for the venue post!
I will leave you with the very NSFW Kardashian fam and a shot of the bouquet toss!

(we are sitting in order of Kardashian twin, we are currently accepting applications for a Khloe)

You guys can 'PIN' any of these photos to Pinterest by hovering over the image.
EeeeeK I can't wait to share more! 
Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Kids to do list: Dartmouth North Outdoor Library

This post is sponsored by TD Bank and the #TDCommonGround project, revitalizing over 150 community green spaces in celebration of Canadas 150th birthday.

Read more on the project - here
And see more on the Dartmouth North makeover - here (the before photos are amazing to see once you've enjoyed the new space, what a difference!)

Halifax public library, outdoor library, free things to do with kids, HRM

I was thrilled when we were invited to tour the new outdoor library, located at 105 Highfield Drive, its close to home and feels central to most any part of HRM.

My first thought was "how does an outdoor library work??"
A single rack of books in a field sounded like a great idea to me... but boy, was I shocked when we arrived and I realized this was a complete library: from books, blocks and computer screens.

But the big (beautiful) surprise is that one wall in the building completely opens up to reveal a gorgeous patio, complete with table/chairs and power sources. (phone charger anyone??)

The makeover then continues outside to unveil a massive play structure made of climbing ropes, rubber slides and beautiful wooden seats, seesaw and crawl through.

Halifax public library, outdoor library, free things to do with kids, HRM

The kids were in love, they're little social butterflies and so enjoy this style of mingling but most kid-friendly days like this come with a price tag.
But not the outdoor library, it is completely FREE.

They also have free scheduled programming that changes week to week -yoga, puppet theatre, cooking, book club, arts and crafts. I will link these below and I've posted a photo for you, if you hover over the photo you can pin it to Pinterest so you'll be reminded - what, where, when!

Beyond that, its a space for both parent and child.
I love a good playground adventure but that usually leaves me sitting on the sidelines, on a tiny wooden plank (you know the ones that enclose a playground structure but only wide enough for half your bum lol).

The outdoor library patio is close enough to the play structure that I can comfortably sit in a chair on the shaded deck, watching Elliott run and play.

Sometimes having a 3 year age gap between the kids means Elliott has to miss out, he will have to 'age down' so Noelle can have a chance to play but at the library Noelle can be right beside me reading books, playing blocks while Elliott plays with the 'big' kids, his "friends".
("That's my friends, they're my friend's mom! - I hear this about every kid Elliott meets, ever.)

I can take my laptop, maybe get some blogging done. Sometimes I just need a quiet space to write down notes, calendar dates, diary entries but its impossible to do at home, with the kids begging me for "whats next???"
So I love the ease of the patio, not to mention nearby bathrooms and activities galore.

I met with two of the most lovely librarians: Carla and Kim.
They're so sweet and willing to help you with anything/challenge you to a game of oversized connect four.

Halifax public library, outdoor library, free things to do with kids, HRM

Halifax public library, outdoor library, free things to do with kids, HRM

Halifax public library, outdoor library, free things to do with kids, HRM

Halifax public library, outdoor library, free things to do with kids, HRM

Halifax public library, outdoor library, free things to do with kids, HRM

Halifax public library, outdoor library, free things to do with kids, HRM

This is a personal preference but I LOVE the wood chip base, you have no idea how much work it is to keep tiny rocks out of Noelle's mouth at most other playgrounds. It is a full-time job! 

The wood chips are squishy and safe for all the climbers plus Noelle didn't think to put a single one near her mouth. That alone is enough to keep me coming back!

Click here to see the list of upcoming events at Dartmouth North Outdoor Library
Click here to learn how to get a library card - FREE
(I spoke to the ladies about signing up the kids and they said both Elliott and Noelle could get their own card. Any age, any time!)
Click here to learn about TD Summer Reading Club and find a club near you

I want to know what you think!
Have you been to the outdoor library yet??

I feel like it would be a great spot to have a date with my girlfriends.
We are always making excuses that there is not enough time to get together, with kids/schedules/budgets, we're always on different pages.
Since this is an all-ages club, with flexible hours and (say it again for the people in the back!) FREE!
It's the best of all worlds.

Don't forget to pin these if you want to save the dates/times and share this blog post so word gets around!

Halifax public library, outdoor library, free things to do with kids, HRM

Halifax public library, outdoor library, free things to do with kids, HRM

Halifax public library, outdoor library, free things to do with kids, HRM

Monday, 9 July 2018

Massive Monster Mayhem = Monster sized FUN!

*This post is in Partnership with Massive Monster Mayhem 
All opinions are my own and it goes without saying, genuine.

Guess who went to Monster Jam yesterday?!
Yup, it was us.

monster jam, massive monster mayhem, family channel,

monster jam, massive monster mayhem, family channel,

The show was amazing and our favourite of the day, by far, was Cynthia Gauthier (click).

She was the donut queen, she's Canadian and she drives the cutest Dalmatian dog (Monster Mutt) decked out truck!

monster jam, massive monster mayhem, family channel,

monster jam, massive monster mayhem, family channel,

monster jam, massive monster mayhem, family channel,

monster jam, massive monster mayhem, family channel,

Uncle Jac came with but when I sent this photo to my sister she thought a stranger was thumbs up photo bombing us! ^

monster jam, massive monster mayhem, family channel,

The food was fab, the crowd was wild and the only complaint of the day was the weather was TOO nice! If you can call that a complaint, I don't know but I know I walked away with a nice shade of tan (burn lol)!

After all that time in the sun, we were more than happy to snuggle in on the couch and watch a family-friendly program - Massive Monster Mayhem.

You guys know, Elliott LOVES monsters vs good guys.
He lives for shows like this, so I was not surprised when he was super into it and wanting more after we finished our sneak preview episode.

I'll break it down for you in case you haven't seen it: action-packed, comedy, sci-fi, real kids, athletic challenges, monster superstars!

 It's exciting and funny, I love the hosts and they will seem very familiar to us adults, I think so anyway!
You'll have to watch the show yourself to see what I'm talking about.

New Episodes will be available, Sundays at 4:30pm on Family Channels CHRGD
(check your local listings!)

monster jam, massive monster mayhem, family channel,

Saturday, 30 June 2018

Win 4 Monster Jam Tickets!

Disclosure: We received free tickets to this event and free tickets for one lucky winner. 
This does not sway my opinion nor change my voice. 

Have you ever attended Monster Jam?

We have!
And it is an awesome, entertaining, family/community bonding experience.
"Bonding experience? "

It is the most fun, bonding, community feel event we've ever been to.
You're squishing onto bleachers with strangers, there's cheering, booing, snacking...
It's just an all-around good time.

Not only are we attending this year but I've Partnered with Monster Jam to giveaway 4 tickets to one lucky winner!

Because we attended last year, I already had photos I could have posted in this blog post and carried on about my day.

BUT, because I am a procrastinating perfectionist and felt like I needed to show you all the monster truck toys Elliott accumulated after seeing Monster Jam last year... I snapped some fresh pics with both the kids.

See both new and old photos below and scroll to the end to enter the giveaway!

Noelle's face, lol.
She was perfectly happy but I think the sun was in her eyes.

Monster Jam 2017 ^

The 2017 show was in late May so it was a bit chilly and I was still expecting with Noelle. I swear she must have known what was going on from within the womb because let me tell you, this show is LOUD.

I thought my friend Heidi did an amazing job of rounding up what you need to know about MJ, in her blog post she goes into detail AND she is giving away 4 tickets as well!

So please go read her post here, click here! for some additional info but as far as what I know from last year, you WILL need ear protection (we were sooo naive last year and a kind couple behind us gave these ear plugs to Elliott before we went to buy him some because we naively did not bring any) and this may not be as big of an issue this year because the show is in July but a sweater comes in handy (bleachers = cold butt!).

My sweet little almost 3 year old! ^

The show is fun for all ages and this year is looking like a good one:

Monster Jam, the most action-packed live event on four wheels where world-class drivers compete in front of capacity crowds in racing, 2 wheel skills challenge and freestyle competitions, is coming to Scotia Speedworld for two HUGE shows from July 7 to July 8.

The 4 tickets I have to giveaway are for the show on Sunday, July 8th, 2018 at 1pm
The event is held at Scotia Speed World, 150 Sky Blvd Halifax NS B3B 1L3
(Tickets will be made available for pickup at Box Office on show day)

The contest closes Thursday, July 5th, 2018, 12 AM 
One winner will be contacted and if no reply is received within 24 hours, we will move onto another winner chosen at random

Thank you so much for entering, now good luck and see you at Monster Jam 2018!!

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