Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Underused but not unknown names for baby girl...

I've been thinking of names my whole life, whether I would be a baby momma, dog mom, cat mom, fish mom, I knew I would eventually be naming something!

The names have changed a bit over the years but for at least 10 years I had my girls' names set as Noelle and Charlotte.

I mean, for years and years and years these were in my brain...
Then came the Royal Baby #2!

Princess Charlotte of Cambridge

Came in and spread the good Charlotte name like wildfire.. (Good Charlotte.. 15-year-old me flashback LOL)

I knew then and there my plans had to change. 

I love names that are known but not overused, names that have been heard of but not caught onto the trending list... yet.

Now, no one take offence to this!
Charlotte is a gorgeous name!
I think tons of the top names on the trending lists are!

Olivia, Sophia, Emma.
All considered and adorable.

But I am stubborn and determined to find that sweet middle spot.

Don't DM me about Elliott and Noelle, I know they're not groundbreaking in any capacity but I feel like we did get them both named just in the knick of time!

Elliott and Noelle are starting to rise on the list so hopefully, they will go to school with name twins but not be in the same grade as them LOL

*I was going to name my firstborn Elliott whether we had a boy or a girl, that would've been pretty special in 2014 but since then Elliott has risen in popularity for girls. 

Onto the list!
(in no particular order)

1. McKinley (this is Nicks grandmothers maiden name, a big contender on all our kids' name lists)

2. Eden (I LOVE E & N names)

3. Jupiter (Nick loves space)

4. Willow (we love Buffy but its trending now)

5. Drew (I love Barrymore)

6. Rowen

7. Tatum

8. Bryn

9. Noah

10. Halle

11. Malia (Nick and I both googled strong women and wanted to name her Michelle for Obama but its too common so we turned to their kids)

12. Veronica (Nick wants this, I like it but I don't feel it goes with Elliott & Noelle)

13. Juliette or Julianna

14. Nellie (but Noelle is nicknamed Nellie at daycare)

15. Brielle

16. Luelle/Luella

17. Ivy

18. Joy (goes with our Christmas theme!)

19. Wrenn

20. Blayke/Blake (I want this, Nick does not)

21. Blair (same as above)

22. Nora/Norah

23. Poppy

24. Andie

25. Tess/Tessa (this is one of my favourites, Nick doesn't agree)

26. Nyree (Nyree if you read this, its because I met you at Sunnyside Mall! :))

27. Nova/Novalee

28. Navy

29. Naomi (but then she would be Naomi Clark from 90201 LOL)

30. Neve (I LOVE N NAMES. Most underused names imo.)

31. Billie (my childhood dog)

32. Shirley

33. Jessie

34. Evelyn

35. Annie (Jillian Harris took it from me, Leo was also on my boy list because it's my
Poppy's middle name. I can't recycle names I hear daily on Instagram LOL)

36. Elle

37. Juniper (see Jupiter)

38. June

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

What I bought on Amazon this month, July 2019...

Ok, I think this is going to be a regular series..

Things I bought on Amazon!

I happened to get A LOT this month.
I will try to do these more regularly and keep them smaller but for now, this is a pic and link dump.

This post contains affiliate links.

You've seen me wear and talk about everything on Insta-Stories so here are the links! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Kimono, you can wear daily or as a beach coverup/extra layer for those sunny vacays!
I ordered 2, turquoise and red, $24.99 each
see below >

This is my FAV! $23 >
Its a one size fits all and would truly fit a wide variety of shapes and sizes!

I wanted some inexpensive earrings and these are PERFECT for that!
4 pairs for $14

I was taking a picture of my eye makeup ^
Sometimes I find it helpful to take a photo so you get a real life impression of your makeup LOL
But this is perfect to show off the size of the earrings.

The Pedi perfect!
I had a few of you say $29 for this is a good price because they can run double that in stores!
I really like it, its a luxury item, I'm not using it daily but it does the job when I need it to.
I follow up with a foot mask immediately after.

This is the foot mask I love. $3.99 each

I've been testing razors and I've found a new favourite,
Currently on sale for $6.98!!! I ordered 3 more packs!

Two items I purchased last month but really love are the satin pillowcases and eye mask.
The eye mask is MY FAV and the pillowcases are great but the jury is still out on what they're doing for my hair.

I flip and flop around so much at night I don't stick to a single pillow and I'm not getting the full satin experience but I like it a lot none the less.

Pillowcase $9.49

EyeMask $11.99

Thursday, 11 July 2019

Noelle Turns 2!!

I can't believe my baby is 2!

One of my favourite sayings is:
The days are long but the years are short.

It's 100% truth!

I never thought I would have a daughter, I was positive we would have 2 boys and if we tried for 3, it would be a third boy.

I was shocked when they said I was expecting a girl and I'm even more shocked I'm now expecting another girl!

Raising Noelle has been completely different from Elliott.
*I've never appreciated Elliott more until Nolee came along... JKJKJK

Elliott is an easy-going, quiet, agreeable guy.
Noelle is the opposite of above! hehe

No, seriously though I feel like Elliott gets the credit because he was the only one and had free range of all the toys/food/people/rooms etc. of course his life and attitude was easy peasy!

Being second-born isn't as simple because you've got that older sibling egging you on, you can't just have whatever you want, sharing is now a thing and competing for attention is most definitely a thing!

Noelle makes her wishes known!
She has a screech that can make you cringe but she is wise above her years, she LOVES doing whatever I am doing - cooking, laundry, taking photos (lol), pretty clothes, purses, lipstick.

She watches everything and knows just what to do with every makeup product I own!

She is fiery, loud, demanding but shes the most openly loving and affectionate.

Whenever she returns from somewhere she runs in the house..
and straight into my legs to hug.

She loves saying "mama, dada, elliott. mama, dada, elliott."
She wants to do everything her brother does and she thinks shes big enough to do it.

She LOVES babies, she will get excited when we see babies in strollers or out in public any child smaller than her is - BABY! (NE NE!)

I didn't feel like she needed a big birthday this year, honestly, I'm feeling a little birthday burn out already LOL

Don't ask me how I'm going to sustain a June, July, September birthday schedule every year for these kids. They're all so close, I never get to recover from one party before its the next!

But I know home parties will only last so long and soon they will want a movie theatre or trampoline parks or lord knows what! So I'll embrace getting to go all out at home for now.

We've already decided next year will be Elliott's first school friends party, sorry family and family friends.. we will be scaling down to his school friend/close friend group and I guess we will see what he comes up with for party ideas next year.

Back to Noelle, she didn't need much, I knew a cake would THRILL her.
She is a total sweets lover!

Just for fun I took out all the tropical theme decor from her first birthday and decorated with that.
I'm so happy I kept everything because its a super versatile theme!

You can use it for summer parties, birthdays of all kinds!

I picked up a little Birthday girl sash at the party store in Sackville and she loved her new dress from Joe Fresh.

We had some family over, a BBQ supper and of course a Dolly cake!!

BIG thanks to my girlfriend Kate who has made all the kids Birthday cakes since we moved back to Nova Scotia.

They're absolutely delicious and SO cool to look at, every single year!

Just look at Noelle's face in the photos at the start of this blog you can see how excited she was to have her own Dolly cake.

Then it was present time!
It was sort of nice to have a small gathering, we got to really watch Noelle's reaction to every gift and boy does she react. lol

She got purses, dolly accessories, a baby stroller, new clothes, tea sets, the whole shebang of favorite things.

I cannot believe next year will be 3!
The time is going too fast and I want to hang onto her tiny but powerful little "MAMA" voice forever.

Monday, 10 June 2019

Amazon Haul: Repurchases and Something New

I needed some pimple patches and some tinkle razors so I placed a little Amazon order and this is what we got!

Pimple Patches - SO good!
Everyone needs these, they suck up all the goop and clear blemishes faster than anything I've tried.

If you want to stock up get the 3 pack for $15.00
72 patches

If your just testing them out get one 24 pack for $6.99

Tinkle Razors!
I could not live without these now.
I use them all over my face, upper lip, chin, forehead, eyebrows, sideburns.
They remove all the dead skin and fuzz and it DOES NOT grow back darker or thicker.

I don't really know what to believe because once I used a men's razor to deal with unwanted facial hair but my hair DID grow back darker and thicker.

I don't know what it is about these little single blades but it's like they don't activate the darker and thicker gene.

My hair grows back just as light and fluffy as before and then I'll tinkle it off again!
Been doing this for over a year!
I can't believe it, time flies when you find a great hair remover.

I go big and get the 12 pack for $26

But you can test them out, $6 for a 3 pack

An adjustable satin eye mask, YUP, NEEDED.

Pick your colour! $11.99

Satin Pillowcases!
About to give these a try since I hear they do wonders for your hair.

Again, pick your colour!
$12.99 for a 2 pack

Irish Spring
2 pack for $7.47

5 pack of Old Spice Deodorant $17.96

Thursday, 2 May 2019

Amazon Hair Must Haves!

I love Amazon, I love cheap, I love delivery to my door in 2 days (if you have prime, everyone who uses Amazon regularly should get prime! I love it).

I love hair accessories!
Here is a few of the best and most affordable you can order off Amazon.
(non spon! I just really love Amazon, I wish they would sponsor me lol)

1000 piece clear hair elastics!
I ordered these back in early January, for both Noelle and my hair.
They're super durable, you can get more than a use or two out of them but at $12 for 1000 you don't feel bad when one snaps.

Click the small Amazon photo below for the link
(all products will be linked below my synopsis)

Scrunchies! LOVE, use daily!
Purchased these all the way back in December, 24 pieces for $16!!

Bunny Ear scrunchie!
These are smaller than the scrunchies above but they have wire inside the bunny ears that makes them easily moldable to fit any updo!
12 piece for $11.29

I am always spending money on small quantities of hair bows for Noelle, only for her or I to misplace them and/or never have the right colour available.

I found a 40 pack of really easy to use (and remove) mini bows for $14.99.
Love them so much!
There are 2 of every pattern so you can use them as a singleton or on pigtails.

All the links above are an affiliate, if you purchase through the link I may get a small referral commission. Super small lol.

But every bit counts when you love Amazon as much as I do!
I promote everything for free because I have an obsession. #guilty