Thursday, 6 October 2016

Zoella comes to Canada celebration giveaway!

guys and gals..

I. am. so. sick.

It's been two weeks and counting..
I think..
I've sort of lost track, it just keeps coming and coming.
alas, those details are for another post because today I am wrangling up the energy to share some exciting news!

Zoella is coming to Canada!

(well her beauty products!! I wish she was too!)
I've been a Zoella fan for at minimum 4-5 years, she's been on the tube since 2009 and I love her easy listening girl next door YouTube style.

Every time I'd watch her describe her products I would get so envious, see her sneak peek Holiday 2016 line up below:

She lives in the UK (as so many of my favs do! that's a bucket lister if I ever had one)
and she has her own line of Zoella bath and beauty products that haven't been available in Canada..
until now.
So to get us all excited for the occasion I am hosting a little giveaway!!

the Zoella collections will soon be available at select stores:
- London Drugs                            - IDA
- Pharmasave                                - Guardian
- Lawtons Drugs                           - Brunet
- Familiprix                                   - Uniprix

you can also browse the brand:
Farleyco Zoella beauty products

but until then check out my photos below and enter to win a sticker me beauty bag!



A soft body mist starts my day off right!
this one is the perfect mild blend of florals and fruit,  I love a bit of smell but I don't want to over power anyone so the Blissful Mistful is right up my alley.
the style of the Zoella products is what really makes me swoon.
polka dots, yes! lace, bows, winkies!
maybe a tad bit youthful, but that's my favorite part!
she marries the chic adult style with some youthful whimsy.


The beauty bag on its own is so chic I debated the stickers! but I couldn't resist the just cutest-y enough look.

Enter below for a chance to win your very own Sticker me beauty bag!

*closes in 48 hours
open to Canadian residents only a Rafflecopter giveaway

PS: I have a lot of empties
& see the bag in action!

Thursday, 22 September 2016

How to trick your toddler into posing for photos..

procrastination station, as I like to call myself..
has struck again, in case you hadn't noticed,
I forgot to renew my domain name so I'm back to a .blogspot!
no biggie, but annoying...
I've been in contact with my host, who has legitimately reached out 28 billion times warning my contract was about to expire and I just kept delaying.
I'm telling you the "I'll start tomorrow" gene is strong

so if you're looking for me I will be over here at:
until I get back my .com

anywooo, I wanted to share my tips and tricks for getting my toddler to pose in photos..
(lol, tips and tricks, yeah right, totally luck)

So we were heading out to the big indoor playplace two nights ago and were going to let Elliott run off all his extra energy.
pull up to the play place and it closes in 10 minutes.

Elliotts crying, I'm crying. (just kidding about me, but I was tempted)
we find an outdoor play ground ASAP to mend the wound and there were some cute pussy willow looking things nearby..

ME: elli lets get a pic!
HIM: no
ME: come on pleaseeee, come on, come on, lets smile, come, come.
HIM: no.

then you pull out the big guns,
the bend and snap.
ME: hey whats that there on your arm???
HIM: oh dis
ME: yeah! that looks amazing is that a tattoo???
HIM: Tattoo! wanna see

ME: OMG I love it! can I kiss it?! (get over here you little wiggle worm!)

BAM. mom win.

the trick is to have a camera person who knows this routine because the smile is temporary and the "no" is fast returning.  hahhahah

I'm not a huge outdoor fan.. believe it.
(just like survivor last night, did anyone see???
when the tv writer was complaining..
that would so be me on survivor:
" I don't like water, I hate sand, I don't do physical activities, outdoors is disgusting, animals yuck,
I hate palm trees, I hate sunshine, I despise reality tv..
kidding about that last one!
I live for reality tv!)
ok so we weren't done yet!
we went to chapters (bookstore) to hang out!
in case you haven't been in a while, chapters has a nice corner dedicated to the kiddy section, it has toys and even a couple of chairs for the parents to take a seat in (thank god)
Elliotts new thing is trains and planes
he loves them!
the cars he can take or leave
its all about "panes!!!"

we couldn't get him away from that track! ^

a giant teacup!
speaking of teacups, omg chapters mugs are the best!

We caved and picked up this police pack-pack aka backpack
and we also got "little blue trucks Halloween"
I'm a sucker for holiday themed books and we own all "little blues"

oh, we are also 5 years old and had to have these Mario magnets!

Nick did the whole scene and elliotts been loving moving them around.

the main reason we went to chapters was to pick up this ^
The girl on the train book, also new movie with Emily Blunt coming!
I read it in less then 24 hours!
I love reading but I am really, really bad for not being able to put books down.
there were so many twists and turns I HAD to see how it ended.
I thought is was the high end of GOOD not GREAT.
it was what I expected.
I liked it and I can't wait to see the movie!
but it was no Gone Girl.
the writer of gone girl just thought really outside the box and twisted that story all over the place.
the girl on the train = twisty but more classic, basic story line.
god, can you tell from reading my blog I am ridiculously hard to impress..
I'm the Simon Cowell of life. lololol
too early or very, very late... ? ? ?

We made a gingerbread house!!!
and yes, it was from last year!
and yes, we did buy it on sale after last Christmas and have been meaning to make it ever since!

I remember when Nick called me, probably in January??
I don't know, it was forever ago and he says "do you want a gingerbread house?"
they have them on sale here.
I say yes.
thinking its going to be a premade, lovely little candy house...
nope it was a box set!
we ain't got time for that!

happy we finally got around to it though because Elliott loved it!
and once he realized he could eat the candies..

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Happy New Year!!!!

maybe I'm alone, but do you ever feel like September is a mini New Years??
I mean it lacks the sparkle and glitz but it has that refreshing feeling of something new.

maybe its the kids going back to school
or the autumn air looming
but it feels like a good time to make changes and or resolutions.

I live over here on the slippery resolution slope of,
once I slide down the slope a little I crash and burn into oblivion
good intensions, bad procrastinator.
so, its safe to say I didn't get very much ticked off of my January resolution list.

and to add fuel to this fire I took a few weeks off of work this month.. so, talk about procrastination.
how do stay at home moms do it????
I legit will hang out in my pajamas all day, barely move off the couch except to make Elliott's meals/ maybe throw on one pan of banana muffins (or some equally lazy activity but you tell your brain at least when the husband gets home, and you look all jacked up like a crazy crack lady who hasn't showered or brushed her hair in 75 days.. you can say "but I made muffins!!!" like it took 15 slaving hours out of your day.. )

ok this is getting way off topic hahaha
my main point is, its time to press the refresh button and get some work done before the winter blues hit. Its going to be hard because like I said I can't get anything done unless someone HOLDS ME TO IT, but the fresh air is revitalizing so I'm going for it!
1. blog more!
I may have been MIA from the blog but where I've been has been the tube!
we just filmed a 'husband does my makeup' video today..
Its not live yet but you can see the finished look above ^
he didn't deliberately give me raccoon eyes but the fall out of that eyeshadow was real!
so he had to go with it ahahahah
we've been hanging out on youtube quite a bit over the summer too
check it out!

2. keep plants alive
help me!
how the heck do people take care of plants!
I will never be a green thumb
how often do you water your succulents???
3. health!
I totally fell off the health train and I feel horrible! ick, yuck, bleck
gym life is of top priority!

4. this one is a question..
I want to change my hair but what should I do??? food for thought.
I just had my extensions removed and reapplied a week ago though and they look fabulous!  

 ^ my own hair has grown out so well I don't think you can even tell where my hair stops and the extensions begin?!? can you tell?!
5. switching up décor
Fall is approaching so I perked up the front porch with some pops of colour
I really want to give the inside a good scrub and jush the place up with a few new pieces
(or rearrange the pieces I have)

^  I picked up these adorable pumpkins on sale at superstore last year for .54 cents and they brought in nearly identical ones with their new stock this year - $4.50 a piece!
Ha, shop after season!

this is a wreath I own^  (actual photo hanging in the basement)
BUT I saw the almost identical one at winners homesense
it was slightly smaller and it was ORANGE
it was adorable!
I picked it up because I was tempted to purchase but the hanging string broke right off when I lifted it up and the price tag said $34
oh hell no.
I was thinking I could spray paint this one orange.
what do you think?
its really quite sun faded and looking shabby so I don't think it could hurt but I'm still hesitant.
what if I cant get paint into all those little grooves?

and that's basically whats been floating through my thoughts lately!
new season, new you!
and speaking of seasons
can you just NOT WAIT for all the new TV shows to start?!?!?
tonights line up is already amaze!

this is us
dancing with the stars
bachelorette Canada
new girl
scream queens
counting on (yes. I know. but that family is addictive.)

brb like asap! muah!

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Maybelline Color Jolt lip paint..

I'm finding it harder and harder to judge or grade lipsticks..
may sound crazy to some, but this is true.

Maybelline color jolt lip paint
I had high high high expectations for.

I'm not head over heels but I'm not dissatisfied.
see, I am such a lipstick snob, I can no longer tell what's great and what's meh
just take a look at the evidence and decide for yourself..
I am no longer a helpful blog, I am just a girl who is as stumped as you
^ looks gooooooooood in the above photo. win.

^ tube is kinda tiny. not a bad thing, just meh.
easy to lose OR takes up less space   ..... ? win/lose you decide

^ applicator a bit fuzzy. not terrible but takes patience.
however! its not a matte, set, instadry formula so you can wipe any mistakes easily.

wear: not a dry finish so does wear off
BUT fades evenly (orange outburst anyway) so you don't look a hot mess.

^NOT kiss proof

^ kinda digging the shiny, still wet views tho..

overall thought
I really like this lip paint.
Its a bold, shiny, glossy, pretty look.
Its also a little messy, not the longest lasting (but I didn't mind the length), non matte (if that's what you want).
I don't think I'll rush out to buy another but I will keep wearing this one and contemplate purchasing the hot pink...
me too.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

FaceOff makeup remover..


I went to a concert last night and actually applied some makeup so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to remove said makeup with the FaceOff Cloth! 

the results took me by surprise!
I was a total skeptic!
I thought for sure this was going to be a regular face cloth and I would have makeup smeared all over my face, then have to go in with a makeup remover after use.

I'm happy to say I was wrong!
It surprisingly did a decent job of makeup removing without any makeup remover assistance and I went to bed with a decently clean skin feeling.

(in my next video I want to have a face cloth showdown and see how the FaceOff compares to a regular face cloth when used in the same manner. would a regular face cloth be just as affective?? hmmm)

see the FaceOff in action for yourself! >

^ the concert look, and it was very sticky humid so my skin was oily by the end of the night!

^ I am lazy so you know this was the best way to show off all the info you may be wondering about!

^ the Rascal Flatts were awesome! and Jason Blaine did an amazing job opening for them
I sat back and enjoyed it so much I didn't take any photos! (see why I have been blog lacking, I am slacking! lol)

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

What life is like when you are a hoader, Elliott's room edition..

I'm going through a MAJOR 'purge the clutter' season of life..

*FYI I just read my last blog post and it was hilarious..
if you can follow my "type the way I talk" and no proof reading blog style, I applaud you! xox

the clutter
its making me INSANE
I keep getting rid of things and yet I still feel smothered
I am not naïve to the person I am
I'm obviously never going to be Lauren..
How does she do it??

I just want to be mildly clutterless
or organized clutter if you will :)

I will tell you, I really, really am working on it.
I mean I just purged my Vans sneaker collection that I've had since high school (we're talking 13 years people) it was hard to do but it was for the best.

one major problem is my ADHD
it has me all over the place
I start cleaning the basement and before I know it I'm up two levels in Elliott's closet..
which brings me to today!
I never really showed off much of the house (mainly because we're still working on it)
but I thought I would throw out some photos of what's been shaping up..

this is our entry way ^
how do people keep this clutter free??
If I was doing a blog photo I would've moved all the junk but I want to show off how we really live hahahha
I just hung the photos there yesterday..
the alarm system just seemed to stick out so much, I figured I would try to camouflage it
I still need one piece to hang next to the Newfoundland photo, and maybe something above the alarm but I'm in no rush. whenever I rush I seem to get something I'm not 100% satisfied with = clutter!


 Elliotts play room, I managed to get a whole garbage bag for donations out of there today and it still looks full ugh

BUT how cute is this pillow??!!
Its super Mario bros and its Halifax!!
god its cute hahahh
check Etsy!
he got it for his birthday but I'm sure its an Etsy find.
Now onto his room..

I rushed my decals and they didn't turn out as I planned!
I eye balled it and they ended up being way too close together and way too many.
but I digress..
if you have not heard of Urban Walls you need to get there ASAP.
right now!
leave my site!
Urban wall decals are AMAZING.

My nanny gave Elli these adorable wooden trucks.
I'd like to get a floating shelf system and put them on display.

that banner was from his Birthday party.. I couldn't not use it!

See how do I declutter that room???
I can't.
that's the answer.
however that room is good compared to the others...
stay tuned~!