Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Playroom makeover/under!!

I've been dragging my feet posting this because I have looked EVERYWHERE for my 'before' photos of the playroom.

It's driving me up the wall!
I know I took before photos.. or I really, really thought I did but I've searched every file folder/memory card... and NOTHING.

So sadly, you will have to use your imagination..
I do have this one snap of before that I uploaded to Instagram
So just picture piles and piles of toys caving into the middle of that room and you'll pretty much be picturing the before photo.

We've lived in this house now for almost two years and we had not properly cleaned that room.. ever.

When we first moved in we painted (it use to be a metal blue, cute but made the room feel small.), I wish I could name the shade of grey for you but it was honestly a quick pick from Kent. I never put much thought into paint, I just choose and hope for the best but that's caused some hits and misses over the years.

Luckily I LOVE this grey, its really fresh and clean.
My advice for choosing a grey is go a shade lighter than you think (unless your looking at the lightest already), you'll probably find the grey dries darker than you think.. so go light!

We also replaced the light fixture.
I truly can't remember what was in there but I'm assuming one of those 'boob' basic builder light fixtures.

The red ball fixture below I picked up at Bouclair for a legitimate, legitimate steal: $19.99

That was quite a while ago when we first moved in so don't run there tomorrow looking to find one but just as a heads up, Bouclair has some amazing deals! Keep them in mind.

I always look in there marked down curtain bin as well! I have gotten so many $1 curtains there, because there's no matching sets they assume the curtains are useless but I turn them sideways and use them as a draped topper OR I loop a knot in the bottom and voila!
Slide the panel to the middle of the rod and the knot weights it, it looks finished with only one panel.
(you will have to view my IG stories to see a visual)

I took EVERYTHING out of the room and I swear Nick almost took a heart attack because this project took the better part of the week.
A friend gave us that multi coloured bin shelf so that was the starting point that made me want to clean everything.
You can grab those shelves off of buy and sells often or find them at Walmart here.
I'm sort of flabbergasted, the price range is $79-125, I was thinking they would max out around $80.
no wonder a lady asked if it was for sale during the yard sale I had recently..she saw it in the garage and I had to tell her 'hands off!!' haha.

Everyone asks where we got our Captain America shield and I am 100% positive it is from a local comic book store called Cape & Cowl.
I've never been in there myself (looking at their website though I really have to go, looks so cool!) but I remember exactly when Nick picked up that shield.
We were on the phone chatting and he was in the store with Elliott, he said "I'm really tempted to get this Captain America shield but its $39..."
We both remember the convo perfectly and he did get the shield but recently I tagged Cape and Cowl in the photo on Instagram and they said they never carried that shield..... (WRONG. lol)
Long story short, I've also sourced it on Amazon for you here but you may want to shop around for a better price.
Superhero toys:
Batman (unable to find exact)
Superman (unable to find exact)
Smaller 3 (online and in-store)

One of my favorite 'art' pieces in the house is this giant PLAY from Urban Walls.

I had seen Urban Walls featured on Love it or List it Vancouver yearssss ago, anyone remember the episode with the bunny wall decal???

I immediately googled Urban Walls and fell in love with their stuff.
I didn't have a girl at the time (boys can like bunnies too but my boy doesn't, he's made out of mud and boogers I think lol) so I got to looking at what else was available.

And they have expanded SO much since this time, they had about 10 items back then and now you can pretty much find ANY wall decal you can think of.

Elliott has the triangles in his bedroom and I tell you, I am honestly considering different decals for Noelle's room, the laundry and the powder room.. we will see.

A decal that large was surprisingly easy to put up, of course my patience = non existent, so I put it up by myself and there is a little crinkle in the 'A'. You can barely notice it.. I put the lamp there anyway lol

Any baskets that you see are from Winners/Homesense.

That Spider-Man inflatable Elliott got for his birthday, I want to say its from Walmart?
My sister got it so I will ask her and wait.
If she answers expect this to be edited ;)

The arrow coat hanger is also from Winners

The Superhero cape collection is from Amazon and I cant say enough how much I (Elliott too!) love those capes.

The large wall chalk board is from Winners and I just happened to have it and have no where to put it.. if you watch IG stories you know I have no wall space.
In our last house I had it in the porch and we would leave notes or grocery lists, it was super handy!

If I didn't have the chalk board already on hand I would've liked to paint a wall with chalk paint.
I will find a wall to have chalk board paint on at some point!

I wanted to show off Noelle and Elli's wooden toys from The Toy Factory, which I talked about for a second on Instagram.

This cute little toy store in PEI where they make wooden toys right there in the back and you can take a peek and get your name, date written in. Its super cool for the kids so I wanted to display that and have a little craft corner in the playroom with the chalk board and crayons.

The two multi coloured tables in the playroom I had found on a local buy and sell group.
I ran to pick them up because they were 2 for $45 and I thought they were just too adorable to pass up.

I love that the paint is fun but they're so practical with the extra storage space, I have all the art supplies safely tucked into one and Mr. potato head and pieces in the other.

One final cool piece is the pillow seen here behind Luna.

At first glance its neat because its Mario world but if you look close its also Halifax!
It has a couple of major points like the Halifax bridges and I just thought that was too cool.

you can find the pillow here.

So that's what the room looks like now, I'm not sure I would call it a makeover as much as a make under... ?!?!

I really just tidied everything up, I took all the building blocks and put them in the basement for now.
As well as any large toys that were very clutter-y but not in daily use.

I think its a safe bet to say Elliott will find them more exciting if he only sees them a few times a year and its really been surprisingly easy to keep the room clean now that I've made a place for everything.

Elliott's getting to the age where he can understand that things have a place and because he's got a tiny bit of my OCD he's been quite good at putting things back because then he can actually find them in the morning.

I've linked as much as possible but let me know if you were wondering where anything else is from! :)

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Visit Annapolis Royal, Antiques and Amusement parks..

Forgive me for this post not being as detailed/mapped out as it could have been..
this vacation started out as a regular family trip but around the last day I realized this could be great blog material!

Sometimes it's the most average everyday things that's readers want to hear about the most, that's what I go for in a blog anyway.

You know my It's Judy's Life addiction.. I feel like I know that family. I've been following them for SO long and I honestly enjoy seeing them hit up Costco just as much as I enjoy some elaborate trip across country.

I'm hoping I can be that blog family for some of you.
I'm not much of a "know it all" blogger.
Someone who says "BUY THIS blah de blah its amazing!" or "WATCH me in my talented makeup tutorials and do what I do"

I want to be a bit more "Hey I'm super average but here's some products I like, some places we go and some heart to hearts on my emo days."
Annapolis Royal is a beloved family vacation spot for us.
Nick and I vacationed there a few times pre kid then last summer we made the trek with Elliott and this year *I am still in shock* that we had a new family member to start the tradition with.

There is SO much to see on the way to and near Annapolis that it is impossible for me to name all the great spots you should see. So I will touch on a few of our favorites but as the years go on, trust me that this list will expand.

First stop (because its on the way) is Oaklawn Zoo.


(I'm not sure how I feel about Zoo's.. I'm torn. Let's just ignore the issue right now. I have a lot of political and cultural wars to fight but today I will let this one slide. lol)


It really is a lovely zoo!
Its a great mix of farm animals and exotic, Elliott was capitated by the monkeys!
He just wanted monkeys, monkeys, monkeys.

There are a few free range animal areas.. not really my favorite as I don't trust any animals LOL
but they make for an awesome photo op and then very quick exit.

The zoo itself is a great size for young families .
All fairly flat ground, nothing too far out of the way, you can see the whole thing in record time if you have a cranky toddler and there are also picnic bench rest spots EVERYWHERE. which I really, really appreciate!

Some are more private than others and it was super convenient when Noelle started getting restless and hungry. I pulled up to a private bench and gave her a little breast feed while Nick took Elliott to the reptile area. (I can pass on snakes and spiders.)

Fun fact: Marley our dog was born in Aylesford Nova Scotia!
9 years ago we picked up our little golden puppy and I tried to do a play on words name representing Aylesford but nothing sounded right!
I almost went with 'ALY' or 'FORD'.. but they didn't pan out.


After the Zoo we went to check out our accommodations at The Annapolis Royal Inn.
I wish I had more photos for you guys but you can click the link and get a detailed tour.

Its a sweet little yellow and blue building set out in the shape of a horseshoe.
We stayed at the Inn last year as well and I really truly love it.
Its not really anything special, don't expect fancy schmance...
but for making family memories, its perfect.

The rooms are typical, cheesy artwork and green carpet.
but they're spacious enough, air conditioned, tv/wifi and close to the salt water pool/all you can eat hot breakfast buffet.

Yes that's a HOT buffet!!

not just cereal and muffins.

you can make fresh waffles, toast, oatmeal, watermelon, cheese cubes, oranges, cereal, boiled eggs, and my personal FAVORITE local sausages!! (eeeeeeekkkk squealing with delight!)

Yes I am a bacon/sausage addict and I swear to you I smuggle like 10 sausages back to our room for lunch time snackage. Not my proudest admission but seriously I am a smuggler.
I don't eat gluten so I skip the waffles and I feel like I am owed an extreme amount of sausages to balance that. lolling.

Our next stop the following day was Upper Clements Park.
Its only about 5 minutes from the Inn, so we filled up on breakfast and pulled a late lunch when we got home but we did stop at one of the upper clement food stands for a 'worlds biggest cookie'.

The cookie was great, Elliott loved the candies on it the most, but don't bother with the 'worlds biggest cinnamon buns' I picked up two and they were horribly dry; not worth the $.

Elliott was only tall enough for half the rides and attractions but that was still more than enough to keep him busy. They have a really nice selection for toddler to teen and its a great family spot, MINUS all the walking.

This park is not as easy to get through as the zoo.
There are a lot of little hills and a lot of back and fourth walking unless you want to exhaust each ride 5 times in a row then move on for good.

We probably looped the park 3-4 times, then I was done.
Elliott would have kept going forever, he's a total ride-o-holic but there's only so much standing/walking/stroller pushing mom can take.
Definitely not as young family friendly as the zoo with all its shaded picnic benches but still, its a must do.
just a tidbit, if you show up to the park after 4pm the price is slashed 1/3 as the rides shut down at 6:45.
on Fridays Military personnel get in free and Sundays first responders are free. (must show ID)

2/3 days are now gone and I've yet to get to my favorite yummy spot in the AR..
The German Bakery is my favorite!
I live for food this fresh and I don't know what else to say other than I break my gluten free streak for these goodies. They look pretty, they taste amazing, I can personally tell you they freeze wonderfully.

And that's that.
I wish I had a photo of the bakery outside but you can click the link for more info!

They also show up at some halifax farmers markets so if you see them there tell them Holly's Housewife Life sent you. They will have no idea what you're talking about but maybe if they hear it enough they will sponser me with jam cookies. lol

From the German Bakery down is just a main street of adorable-ness.
You can walk the strip easily with young kids and there are plenty of photo ops and antique/art spots to stop at.
Elliott was SO excited to see this Mountie but as soon as we got close he was panicked and not going near that head hole. sad because that would've been a cute one! 

Now some of my favorite spots..

the antique/ I call them junk drawer stores!

I LOVE antiques.
I am forever trying to decide if I want shabby chic or modern as my house style.
I try to have a variety of both.. and I LOVE finding old pieces that I can talk about when people come over. bonus points if they have a really great story behind them that the store owner passes onto me.

one of my MUST stops is this little Country Curio Shoppe ^^

Of course I couldn't find a website/fb page for them.
why would I??
they're a dusty old barn full of dirty treasures that you basically name your own price for.

I'm not even sure how to direct you to the address...
Do barns like this even have a fixed street address.

All I can say is that they're not far from the heart of Annapolis Main Street and if you ask anyone from town where it is I am positive they will send you right to its door.

This photo is from last year ^^^
I picked up that old fashion masher for a few dollars at the Curio shoppe as well as the grinder.

I was SO excited because I told Nick the only thing I was looking for was a grinder that my Grandmother used to have.

I remember hooking that thing upto the ironing board and grinding up some bread for stuffing, then I would do the onions and the apples. It's so vivid, it feels like yesterday and in reality was 20 years ago- yikes.

I was scared I would find one and end up paying an arm and a leg but not be able to walk away because of my memories. Turns out the Curio Shoppe had about 10 on hand and I think maybe charged $8-10 dollars. A total steal for memory props!

And that pretty much wraps up this years trip!
We spent the rest of the time floating in the salt water pool back at the Inn and had a few meals at the local Chinese restaurant.

but I wanted to toss this photo from summer 2016 into the mix because I also found a great antique store down in Canning... It was another one of those blink and you'll miss it plain warehouse looking spots.

I'm not even sure it had a name, it didn't have any huge neon light pointing it out anyway.. but it was a nice big building and catered to larger furniture antiques, with a splash of old toys, jewelry etc.

It was a really nice spot and I was sad we didn't get to check it out this summer but alas I cant have ALL the antiques!

Friday, 25 August 2017

Easy & cheap marble DIY makeover..

This could very easily be a project I would've featured on the blog..
I would have taken photos beginning to end, showed off exactly what tools were needed and used.
You would have had a detailed step by step DIY to follow...

however, this project wasn't done by me and quite frankly I feel as though this blog post is being written under duress!

ok, lol.
you know I'm kidding but I am feeling some pressure.

If you've been keeping up on IG stories, you have probably seen that I am in major purge mode.
I also posted this blog about cleaning my closet... well the time has come and I am having a HUGE yard sale to try and offset the cost of Noelle's nursery.
(I really want to get that started since she's already 2 months! she will be in that room before I know it.. eeek!)

So my mom, sister, etc. will be hosting a massive yard sale and to draw some interest I've posted about it on social media and in some local buy & sells... I wanted to post some photos, because I think we have great stuff!

Well, I posted this nightstand that my sister DIY'd last year and HOLY MOLY.
The response is kind of hilarious!
See the night stand below...

I won't lie, its a nice nightstand.
Its a really large size, sturdy, the handles are cute, but the white and marble she DIY'd herself!
and it was really easy y'all!!

The nightstand was with her boyfriends bed set and was a cherry wood colour.

See this is where I may fumble up the details as its not my project but I'm assuming she used regular white paint (she's a mis-tint kind of gal, any marked down paint cans at the hardware store will do. and I don't think she has my love of spray paint! I would've just sprayed that sucker)

Allow adequate days to dry, multiple coats will most definitely be needed.
Make sure you remove the hareware before painting, it will make your life so much easier and the project that much more professional.

Then head over to handy 'ol Amazon and pick up a marble contact paper like THIS.

Apply contact paper once paint is good and dry, pop hardware back on and BAM.
You have that ^^^^^^^^ exact nightstand.


In my original yard sale post I did write 'Please no messages, photos for reference but you must attend, no holds."

I knew our stuff was good and could possibly get a lot of attention but I have no interest in going the 'buy & sell' route right now.

I have the baby, Elliott, Marley the dog, I just can't arrange appointments and be waiting on people etc. so hopefully everything sells at this one yard sale and then I can wash my hands of the sale biz.

Even though I had said 'no messages', I expected to get a few but I was not prepared for the volume surrounding that night stand!
I must've got about 50 so far and the messages are still rolling in.

I've got all kinds of stories about why people need the night stand..
sob stories
willing to pay immediately
will pick up right now
will pay extra

I'm sorry, that is just too much pressure guys!
I cannot be responsible for someone's happiness/disappointment in such a dramatic way.
so I have just stopped responding, I have a lot on my plate at the moment and pricing/set up is taking priority!

I hope this post helps a little bit, with so many interested buyers maybe some will DIY their own or put a fresh spin on something else with that contact paper.

My sister is also working on redoing the full size dresser from the same set!
Since you're here I'll show off her progress..

She painted it white (it did take at least 3 coats, and was kind of a pain with all the nooks and crannies)

and she has wall papered the drawers!
cute right??!

sorry I don't have any good photos!
only this sorry excuse reflection pic ^^^

but it turned out so great!
and you can see the original colour was that colour above^^ the cherry colour.

so the white paint really does make the set look brand new and modern!


She just sent me these!
Wall paper Home Depot $27 a roll 

Saturday, 19 August 2017

What to buy at Sephora right now, literally RIGHT NOW, don't wait!

Okie doke.
been trying to get this post up for 3 days and have failed miserably.
then this afternoon Nick convinced me to make a 'brief' stop at Costco..


It's a cold, rainy Saturday in Nova Scotia.
ain't nothing about Costco was brief today.

but anyway, we survived and I just googled PST time zones, you have approx. 8 more hours to make an order at Sephora to receive 2,3 or 4X the points!

This event might not appeal to you at all but I just find Sephora so stingy with the events/perks, when they do host something that gives me extra.. I totally fall for it and splurge.

I had known this point bonus was coming and there were a few basic things that I needed to pick up so I held off and did a mini haul a few days ago.

The one really positive thing I can say for Sephora is that they're always really, really prompt to ship and even during high ordering events like this, I will usually receive my package within a couple of days.

See below for my haul!



I needed some new brushes, I feel like I always need brushes but its very hard to find a set of ones I would actually use. (normally its 2 good brushes and 6, I'll rarely reach for those tiny eyeshadow or the like..)

My favorite brushes to date are the Sonia Kashuk which are available at Target and I just realized Target does ship to Canada now... so I may keep that in mind and stock up sometime in the future.

Another fav is the Real Techniques which you can pick up locally at Lawton's Drug mart.

I love both these brands so much and I use them daily until they die on me, luckily both brands are great quality and they will last you forever!

but I came across this, 'Ready to Roll' Sephora brand brush set and I thought it was a really great variety pack for the price. ($88)


It would be the perfect travel mate as it seems to have a brush for every, every day use.
(in fact, we are travelling soon and maybe I should put my money where my mouth is and only take these brushes.. maybe. I will seriously ponder it.)

Next I picked up this overnight hair sleeping mask.

mainly because I've never tried an overnight hair mask and I'm completely intrigued!
(haven't tested yet)

This foot mask which I tried yesterday and REALLY loved.
being on my feet so much at work the last 10 years has really taken a toll and unless I get a weekly pedi my feet are just in a sad state. dry. cracked.
Elliott always asks me if they have boo, boo's LOL

I was questioning how much the foot mask would help but it exceeded my expectations.
My feet felt like they had just been to a salon and got a mini moisture massage.
I will 100% repurchase these for myself and I will probably gift them to anyone and everyone.. because who doesn't want a mini foot makeover. ???


These masks, they got me with the 'NEW'.
I love that they have a replacement cap and I can get at least 4 uses out of them.
(haven't tried)


I had been talking about getting a daily brush cleaner for a while, if you're not committed to cleaning your brushes on the regular please pick one of these up.

I just read an article about a women who got a nasty face infection from not cleaning her brushes, whether its true or not, I don't know... but the germ-o-phobe in me wants you to pick up a cleaner. lol

like this one.

finally the nail polish...ugh the nail polish.
I own approx. 8000 of them but I keep coming back for more!

I really do like Nail Inc. polish, I find it to be good quality and I really wanted that peach shade!
I already did a test run with the purple, see photo below.

I do appreciate Sephora's deluxe samples and they had some good point perks available so I picked a variety, see above ^

I've learned to steer clear of scent samples or small face product samples, normally they won't get used by me and I end up donating.

BUT samples (like above) that are mini mascara, brow gel, or larger sized face wash (see ole above) really come in handy for travelling or if you run out of your large mascara tube, having a decent sized mini on hand saves you at least a week or two (3) between re-purchasing.


SO that's my last minute (last second) what I got during the bonus point event.

What I also wanted to mention was that IT cosmetics has JUST launched at Sephora Canada.
I mean, JUST.

They arrived yesterday and I very promptly (like 2am last night hahaha) asked my Canadian beauty blogger ladies what I should get, because I just had to get at least one little thing since there's the added bonus point incentive.

They said (actually they said pretty much everything.. but) Bye Bye undereye concealer, CC cream, or brow pencils.

I went with the Bye bye under eye concealer and will keep you posted!

So go browse and if you're looking to splurge go for the IT cosmetics, but if you're looking to save and still deserve a little pick me up, go for a foot mask!

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Anniversary gifting with Jord Watches..

Anniversary dates in our house look very, very different these days.

As all my heels get packed up and thrown into the yard sale bin.. Yup, yard sale this weekend!
I find myself missing a bit of the glitz and glam that those early relationship years held.

When you've been together for as long as Nick and I (11 years), it starts to get really difficult to surprise one another OR even just give an actual gift, something other than the I.O.U or lets do dinner verbal promise.

That's why this anniversary, our wedding anniversary.. 4 years since we said "I do".
I really committed to finding Nick something that would make him feel a bit more special and appreciated... I mean he still manages to get me great gifts but that's because I rhyme off things I want on the daily.

New silverware..
New dishes..
New lipstick...
New makeup brushes..
I saw this top I really love at the mall (exact size plus location sent in text)

I am a never ending 'want-er'..
but what do you get for the guy who says "I have everything, I just want to spend time with you".


Yeah, right!
no, awwww.
I need an answer for what he wants!
It's so difficult.


However, this year I honestly think I nailed it.



Nick is a simple guy, he doesn't stray much in the fashion department but he does always wear a watch and his wedding band.

He's actually had the same watch since high school (I told you.. simple guy), and although its a nice watch I thought something a little newer, and trendier would be nice.

I've seen the wooden watches by Jord floating around Instagram and I've been pretty obsessed with them for myself.

Once I started looking in the men's category I was totally confused (too many options!), so I ended up asking Nick if he had a pick what would be a couple of his top choices?
(questions like this are not unusual for me to ask, because of the blog I am always talking about products and he is none the wiser to what I'm actually ordering and what I'm just IG creeping.)

Surprisingly (or maybe not..) we picked the complete opposite.
I had picked out the classic, sleek, very plain styled watch and practically had it checked out in my shopping cart before I looked at the choices he sent and then I had to start all over again!

I was leaning towards something like this..
while he's checking out all the bells and whistles with something like this..

(Just a little back story, I should have known this was going to happen because when Nick picked out my engagement ring.. he wanted to pick it out himself and have it be a total surprise. When he did propose I was caught a little off guard by the ring.. it was just SO Nicks style. My style is the polar opposite.. but trust me I LOVE my ring, this isn't a sad story lol. I think I love it even a little bit more because it's so Nicks style, it reminds me of him daily. But I do remember thinking "I may not have picked this one", it was just a really quick thought and then it passed. lol)

So in the end I settled on the Kosso and Midnight Blue because it seemed the perfect mix of masculine, sporty with just a touch of (my) stylish flare in the coloured face.

He was surprised and really excited when I actually had a gift box for him to open (and the presents don't stop here so stay tuned..;)) he loved the watch and I honestly had to yank it off of his arm so I could take some nice photos before it permanently takes up residence on his wrist.

In the spirit of giving, Jord is gifting one lucky reader a $100 credit to shop!
*and everyone who enters will get a $25 credit at contest closing!
To Enter:
The giveaway will close September 10, 2017  at 11:59pm. Both the $100 and the $25 codes will expire on November 26, 2017
This year just happened to be our 4th anniversary and I have zero patience, so when I come up with an idea I use it immediately...
but the thought is not lost on me that the 5 year anniversary gift is 'wood'.. 
how adorable would you be if you gifted a wooden watch for your 5 year anniversary!
It's the perfect gift for anyone, sentimental yet practical!
I really need to start paying attention to what the 'gift of the year' is so I can stay on track..
Since next year it will be wood, should I hint to Nick to get me a watch?? probably will. 

Luxury Wooden Watch