Friday, 9 July 2021

Who am I?

Hi, I'm Holly. 

34 year old, mom of 3, Postal Worker of 15 years, RCMP wife of 10 years, Nova Scotian through and through (and lover of the east coast!) I never want(ed) to leave!

Crafter, DIY-er, thrifter, beauty and mail enthusiast. 

I've been "blogging" in some capacity for 7 years, it started as written words, I love to write although I've always been told I "suck at English" for as long as I can remember.. people have never been shy to point out to me the things I "fail" at. 

But I kept going.

I have always kept a journal, I love looking back at those now. 
I am so thankful to my younger self for seeing that as an outlet and rolling with it. 

I write poetry and songs.

I discovered video.

I fell in love with making videos.
Insta stories, TikTok and YouTube, I love connecting with an audience: although I have a HUGE case of stage fright.

I have 2 sisters, we talk constantly so I suppose that makes us "close" but I've still felt very alone most of my life. 

 I have a great husband, we've been married 8 years and together 15. 
A relationship that length comes with major ups and downs and I believe you can vent about someone you love and still be madly in love with them. You may even dislike them sometimes but still be in love with them (a lot of the time I'm just annoyed in general or hangry).

I believe in government and feel as though everyone should care about and be involved with politics.
I believe in putting community first, volunteering and kids.. won't somebody please think of the children?!? 

I truly feel as though social media is causing mental health issues and we have to get in front of it because we've already let it slide too long, same goes for what we're doing to the planet. #globalwarming

I don't personally like filters, fillers or plastic surgery, this is NOT a direct attack on anyone who uses those things. People and most importantly children, are unable to separate what is filtered and what is reality and its causing a mental health crisis and suicide. 

Ironic that an "influencer", "content creator" whatever you want to call me, doesn't like social media.

I think you can see the flaws in things and actively try to make a change for the better while not letting it consume your entire life and being. Hello, I love shopping and I eat meat, but I can make small changes and push for better alternatives. 

I had to stop watching KUWTK and The Bachelor a couple of year ago because of these issues and the lack of diversity overall and a strong passion of mine - Body Diversity. 

I just watched the first episode of the Gossip Girl reboot and there was not ONE diversified body in the entire episode. 

My entire life people have felt they have the right to comment on my body, shape, size, clothing. 

I started feeling fat in grade 3.

I hate the word fat, it is a derogatory word. I have only heard it be used in a mean, rude and usually hateful manner. 

You can call me: 
Curvy, curvaceous, voluptuous, opulent, plump, stout, heavy, solid, chubby, lucrative, extended, buxom, thicc, etc. 

Despite what other people had to say about my body, I always loved myself. 
My body is strong and powerful, its been through pain and chronic illness but it has powered through everything and always supported what I ask of it. 

I am passionate about not having my children follow that same path of body shaming trauma. 

I care about my kids more than anything else on this planet. 

I care about all the kids.

I volunteer at school, I run a neighbourhood library with the help of the wonderful book donators in the community. 

I LOVE holidays. 
I love every holiday, I cannot choose a favourite although I really like Halloween and Christmas. 
I think Valentines day is lovely (pun hehe), and Easter and New Years too. 

I love a fresh start. 
I make mistakes all the time, I love a Monday or September or January to start all over again. 

I am always trying new things, I am always trying to be better. 
I am never trying to be mean or malice. 
I don't always think everything through or I am unable to get out full thoughts without writing an essay (hello, essay!!) so I apologize if I've ever said things that hurt you. 

I do believe we can have a difference of opinion and still be friends. 
I believe we can be respectful and we don't have to attack each other.

I love to watch my garden grow but I don't necessarily love to garden. 

I love our neighbourhood and I love my front porch. 

I love a coffee in the morning and a tea at night. 

I love Cape Breton Islands pizza and Pizza & Islands in general. 

I love our family vacations.

Our cats and our dog. 

I love connecting with followers, I've made real genuine friendships that will last forever.

I get anxiety answering dms, I answer 2 and then feel overwhelmed. 

I have anxiety and PTSD. 

My PTSD came from a house break in from 11 years ago and I will never recover from it. It doesn't seem like much in the scheme but it deeply affected me. I have a deep passion for victim services and our justice system now. I have a unique perspective from being a victim and a Police spouse. 

I have mild ADHD and anxiety and I've had both since being a child although they went undiagnosed like most stuff in the '90's. 

My anxiety causes me to seem rude sometimes, especially in public. 
I have a hard time being the first person to address someone or speak out. 
ex: I get uncomfortable being at my kids sporting events, I don't know how to interact. 

I've been called a bitch because of this. 

I am a lot of things: hyper, too much, opinionated, a little crazy, fun, funny, silly, but I am no bitch. 

I love to laugh, love to be crazy, dance and sing at the top of my lungs. 

I feel like I've remained honest to myself and who I am, both on screen and off. 

I have always felt a little wacky but I don't think I am alone in that. 

I love thrifting, I want my house to feel warm and cozy. 

I don't care what car I drive and I'm not impressed by wealth or goods. 

I think every job is equal and every position is valuable and needed to make our world go round. 

I am rich in love, hope and faith. 

And I would love to learn more about you if you would like to write your own
Who am I? blog, post or dm (I'll push through to read!) 

I have shared my heart and family with you for many years now and I am so thankful to everyone who takes the time to be here and share their lives in return - thank you! <3 


  1. What a great post! So thoughtfulLy written and thought provoking, too. One of the reasons I really enjoy following you on IG and reading your blog is that you are 'real' and in 2021 that is rare and truly appreciated! Keep it up, you are doing great things!!

  2. Thanks for sharing your heart, Holly! You're a blessing to me!

  3. Love this. Totally real. Screw people who don’t get you. Just block them no need for hate in your life. If I ever get around to cleaning up my den I would have tons of books for your neighborhood library Currently stilling in day 5 of 5 for chemo this week making lists of crap that needs to be decluttered and den was in top of the list when I got sucked into Instagram. The rabbit hole is deep :). Thanks for sharing

    1. Oh Corrine! I hope you’re feeling ok, you are so strong! Sending you love ❤️❤️❤️
      The rabbit hole is so deep! 😂
      Let me know, if you’re close by I will honestly come help you with your to do list! The deck uttering never ends over here either :)